Lexington United Volleyball: LUV Player Accolades

 Prepvolleyball.com Senior Ace 

2019 McKenna Vicini 

2018 Kaitlyn Hord 

2018 Allyson Cathey 

2017 Keyton Kinley 

2017 Kaity Smith 

2016 Leah Edmond 

2015 Kendall Beerman  


Prepvolleyball.com Top 50 Juniors 

2018 McKenna Vicini 

2017 Kaitlyn Hord 

2015 Leah Edmond   


Prepvolleyball.com Soph 79 Team

 2014 Hallie Shelton

 2012 Kendall Beerman


Prepvolleyball.com Frosh 59 Team 

 2013 Hallie Shelton

 2011 Kendall Beerman


Prepvolleyball.com High School All-American   

2018 McKenna Vicini 1st Team

2016 Hallie Shelton 1st Team 

2014 Kendall Beerman 1st Team

2013 Kendall Beerman 1st Team


AVCA / Under Armour High School All-American

2018 McKenna Vicini  2nd Team 

2016 Hallie Shelton  3rd Team 

2016 Kaity Smith  3rd Team

2016 Darby Music, Julia Hatcher, Macy Reihing  HM

2015 Leah Edmond  2nd Team 

2014 Kendall Beerman  3rd Team

2014 Olivia Canales  HM 


Prepvolleyball.com Club All-American 

2018 Kaitlyn Hord 18's 2nd Team

2018 Allyson Cathey 18's HM 

2017 Kaitlyn Hord  18's 1st Team 

2016 Keyton Kinley  17's  3rd Team 

2016 Leah Edmond  18's HM

2015 Leah Edmond  18's 3rd Team

2015 Keyton Kinley  16's 3rd Team

2014 Hallie Shelton  15's 2nd Team

2013 Kendall Beerman 16's 1st Team  


Volleyball Magazine Fab 50  

2018 Kaitlyn Hord

2018 Allyson Cathey 

2016 Leah Edmond 


Volleyball Magazine 25 Underclassmen to Watch

2018 McKenna Vicini 

2017 Kaitlyn Hord 

2016 Kaitlyn Hord   


AAU All-American

2018 Izzy Carter        14 Open 

2015 Leah Edmond  18 Open

2014 Hallie Shelton  15 Open

2014 Keyton Kinley  15 Open

2012 Hallie Shelton  13 Open

2012 Keyton Kinley  13 Open 


JVA All-National Team

2018  Kaitlyn Hord, Allyson Cathey, McKenna Vicini, Taylor Trammell 

2017  Kaitlyn Hord, McKenna Vicini

2016  Leah Edmond 


JVA AthLeader Award 

2016  Francesca Macchiavello 


Prepvolleyball.com Defensive Dandies 

2018 Jaymeson Kinley, Lizzy Buchholtz, Corie Young, Aliesha White, Maggie Harrison

2017 Macy Reihing, Keyton Kinley, Darby Music 

2016 Macy Reihing, Keyton Kinley, Darby Music 

2015 Macy Reihing, Keyton Kinley, Darby Music, Francesca Macchiavello

2014 Macy Reihing, Keyton Kinley

2013 Macy Reihing


USA Volleyball Youth National Training Team

2017 Kaitlyn Hord 

2017 McKenna Vicini

2016 Kaitlyn Hord

2016 McKenna Vicini  


USA Volleyball High Performance Teams

2017 Olivia Bennett USA Future Select Team Colorado Springs, CO 

2017 Taylor Thacker USA Select A2 Team Colorado Springs, CO 

2016 Taylor Trammell USA Select Colorado Springs, CO 

2014 Sierra Gray USA Select Tulsa, OK

2011 Kendall Beerman  USA Select Tucson, AZ 


Retired Number 

Emily Sams             #27

She Truly LUV'd the Game

We were ALL privileged to know you 

Rest in Peace Emily