Lexington United Volleyball: 2019 Coaches

2019 National Team Coaches
**Teams can be added, adjusted or removed based on final tryout results** 


 18 Adidas

Chris Beerman---Director, Lexington United   


87 Adidas

              Berkleigh Brogan---Asst Coach, Dunbar HS                  


  17 Adidas 

Connor Zimmick---Grad Assistant Coach, University of Kentucky


17 Baden 

Joe LaMagno---Veteran Club and HS Coach in Michigan; Asst Coach, Sayre HS  


16 Adidas

  Amy Barmore---Head Coach, Transylvania University     


66 Adidas

Darby Bourdon---Transy Player; Former LUV player, Coaching Veteran           


  16 Baden

Jennifer Buckman--Transy player, LUV Coaching Veteran


  16 National 

Elise Dahlke---LUV Coaching Veteran 


  15 Adidas

Brianna McCombs---Asst Coach, Scott Co HS;  LUV Coaching Veteran


55 Adidas

Hilary McKenzie---Head Coach, Bryan Station HS 


15 Baden 

    Rebecca Gordon---Former Head Coach at Tates Creek, LUV Coaching Veteran 


15 National  

Jonna Shimko---Asst Coach, Bryan Station HS 


14 Adidas

Adam Ivetic--Head Coach, Scott County HS 


14 Baden

Haley Summers---Asst. Coach, Dunbar HS; Former LUV Player  


14 National

Keyonna Morrow---Former West Virginia Tech Player; LUV Coaching Veteran


13 Adidas

Kate Topley---Head Coach, Hayes MS; LUV Coaching Veteran


13 Baden

Jordan Silvanik---Asst Coach, Tates Creek HS; LUV Coaching Veteran


12 Adidas 

 Mackenzie Burke---Asst Coach, Hayes MS, LUV Coaching Veteran  

 2019 Youth Team Coaches
11 Black 
Jenni Morgan---Head Coach, Dunbar HS
11 Blue 
Ashley Federle---Head Coach, Lexington Catholic HS

2019 Midwest Team Coaches

87 Black 
 Clay Thompson--LUV Coaching Veteran
16 Black
Cameron Sedlar---Former KIVA Men's and USA HP player 

15 Black  
Danielle Merryman---Asst Coach, Tates Creek HS; Former LUV Player, Coaching Veteran 
14 Black
Justin Cason---LUV Coaching Veteran 
 13 Black 
Hadley Trenaman---Transylvania Player; LUV Coaching Veteran
12 Black
Kathryn Sandefer---Asst Coach, Lexington Catholic HS; LUV Coaching Veteran
2019 Regional Team Coaches
16 Blue
Alexis Schumann/Ellie Stigger---Transy Players
   15 Blue   
Sarah Shivley---Transy Player; LUV Coaching Veteran 
14 Blue
Olivia Stanfield--- Former Mava, Union, Sacred Heart HS Player 

  13 Blue   
Libbie Dockemeyer---Former KY Club, HS Player
12 Blue
Olivia Carter---Asst Coach, Lexington Catholic HS 
2019 Short Season Team Coaches
15 Gold

14 Gold  
13 Gold
12 Gold  
11 Gold