Lexington United Volleyball: Welcome



National Positional Practices Tues, April 22 

13 Black, 13 Blue, 14 Black, 14 Blue, 14 White, 15 White, 15 Gold 

 (All) Libero's: 5:30pm


OH's (13 Black, 13 Blue, 14 White): 6:30pm

Setter's (13 Black, 13 Blue, 14 White): 6:30pm 

  OH's (14 Black, 14 Blue, 15 White, 15 Gold): 7:30pm

Setter's (14 Blue, 15 White): 7:30pm 


(All) MH's: 8:30 pm 

Setter's (14 Black, 15 Gold): 8:30pm  




Team Indiana Classic 4/26-27

 Playing waves and sites: 


12 Turquoise--12 Girls
13 Blue--13 Girls
13 Turquoise--13 Girls
14 Black--14 Open
14 Turquoise--14 Girls
14 Purple--14 Girls
15 Blue--15 Open
16 Black--16 Open
17 Turquoise--17/18 Girls   



 AVA Spring Fling (4/26-27)

15 Erin, 16 Jenny


**Schedule can also be found in Forms and Info section 


NKJV Aces tournament (4/26-27)

13 Justin, 13 Kathryn, 14 Emily, 14 JJ

**Schedule will be released soon 



Reminder that the next National and Short Season team payments were due on April 10.  Thank you





































Directed by Chris Beerman, a 20 year DI collegiate coach, most recently at Kentucky, LUV is an all-encompassing volleyball club for girls in the Lexington, KY area. We will provide competitive volleyball team opportunities for players 9-18 years old as well as lessons, camps, tournaments and college recruiting education.

We believe in providing the absolute best training and coaching in a competitive, up-tempo atmosphere with an encouraging and positive teaching style. Lexington United club members will be great volleyball players, teammates and be encouraged to always strive for their physical and personal potential.

Contact info:

Director--Chris Beerman

Lexington United 

852 Edgewood Dr

Lexington, KY 40515

PH: 859-333-4029

Email: ctbeerman@hotmail.com

Facebook:  Lexington United Volleyball

Twitter: @lexunitedvb