Lewis River Little League: Managers

Thursday, January 23
Manager Candidate FAQs
Manager Candidate FAQs

When will managers be selected?

Our goal is to have all managers in place in time for tryouts on February 8th. We will move the selection process along as quickly as we can prior to this date.

How are managers selected?

Past performance is always the best indicator for any role and we will look at previous Lewis River LL coaching experience that candidates have, but we will also interview manager candidates as appropriate to determine fit with the goals and objectives of Little League.

Is baseball or softball experience required?

It is always helpful, but not required. We realize, especially at the T-ball and PacCoast/Coach Pitch levels that some parents are just learning or re-learning the game. We will offer support and tools for those managers. The most important attribute is the ability to create a positive atmosphere and commit the time necessary to teach the kids.

Who approves the slate of managers?

In accordance with Little League International rules, our league President and Vice President will interview and select the slate of managers. That approved slate of managers will be presented to our board for final confirmation.

What if there are manager candidates on the board?

In the spirit of fair play, we will ask any manager candidates on the board to recuse themselves from voting/confirming managers in the division that they intend to manage.

What if there are more manager candidates then teams?

If this is the case, we will actively try and pair manager candidates to coach teams together. While one person will need to be appointed the manager, this provides a scenario where two people are willing to commit significant time and resources to a team and that is a positive situation for the kids. We highly suggest those manager candidates in divisions such as minors and majors think about this possible scenario.

If I coached a team last year and am returning to the same division, will I get my team back?

First, we will need to re-confirm returning managers per the process noted above. Second, our bylaws state that for Minors and above, if the same number of teams return the following season, then we keep teams intact and draft to fill gaps. However, if we have a different number of teams then the previous year, then we re-draft the teams. I.e. last year we had 4 minor baseball teams. If this year we have 5 or 3, we will need to re-draft. We understand continuity is important at the older age levels and we’ll work with the teams to try and ensure parity and continuity, while adhering to our bylaws. Also important to note that even returning players can request to go back into the draft, so if we have the same number of teams, not all players return to the same team.

What mandatory meetings do managers need to plan for?

February 8th at 3:30pm, at Intermediate School gym, will be a mandatory managers/coaches meeting. All managers for minors and above should attend tryouts and draft, dates and times are posted on our website. And we strongly suggest all managers and coaches attend our baseball or softball clinic series every Saturday Feb. 15th to March 15th