Lewis River Little League: Fields

Tuesday, January 28
Updates to the bleachers!
bleachers 2
We have replaced the old boards! 

Current Weather at Fields

Thursday, April 18
Field Status - Day to Day

When Playing other leagues, the LRLL Home Team decides if the field is playable and is responsible for notifying both teams.  The rule of thumb is, if you walk to and from the pitching rubber and you can see your foot prints then it's too wet to play. Please error on the side of caution when it comes to playing on wet fields. Wet fields present a safety hazard to our kids and playing on them can create considerable damage to the playing surface.

Drying Dirt is now available in the chalk sheds (Turface).  If it takes more than a bag to dry out your field and it's still raining or will rain, then it's likely too wet to play.  We have a limited amount of Drying Dirt, so please follow this guideline. 

Thank you!

Any questions email: Lewisriverfields@yahoo.com  

Tuesday, April 16
Batting Cage Rules and Guaranteed Batting Cage Time

We have over 20 teams and many practices are at the same time.  Batting Cage use is first come first serve (if 2 teams want to use the cage at the same time, each must use only one tunnel and share), unless your team EARNS a scheduled Batting Cage time.  To earn this time, your team can sign up for 2 EXTRA Snack Shack help days or complete a field project.  Either option will earn your team a guaranteed 1 hour slot for use of both tunnels and an additional 1 hour slot for use of a single tunnel.  As long as the time slot is not already taken, your team is guaranteed use of the cages at your desired practice time.  

We will post those reserved times here.  email LewisRiverFields@yahoo.com to schedule your Field Project!  

If we have many teams earning additional time slots we will have to cut the guranteed time back to just 1 hour slots.  Last year we only had two teams complete this option.  It would be great if we can get more teams participating this year.

Teams with Guaranteed Batting Cage Time:

  • Juniors Baseball (Team cleaned both batting cage tunnels, re-hung nets and tarps, hauled out weeds and debris) - Friday 5pm-7pm