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Sunday, December 27
Lewisburg SlowPitch Softball League

This Sundays meeting location has been changed to Shimer Hose Co./Fire Dept. in Milton. The address is: 121 Ridge Ave.Milton Pa.
**Important Bat News **
The ASA National has just announced that Easton Bat Co. has voluntarily removed the following bat models from the ASA/USA list of certified bats: SCN1,SCN11BH,SCN1B,SCN3,SCN4B,SCN5,SCN5B,SCN6B,SCN7,SCN7B,SCN8,SCN8B,SCN9,SCX14,SCX14B,SCX24B,SCX3.
These are the Synergy Extended bats that are red/gray & blue/gray. Go to the national site to see pictures of these bats. By Easton doing so this bascically bans these bats.
** 2016 Summer League **  
The teams listed below are in 2016 Lewisburg Slowpitch League. This is the most teams we have ever had for the summer league. A schedule with this many games is going to be interesting! All teams will need to submit their teams schedule preferences at our meeting on Sunday,Feb. 14 @ 1pm at the Shimer Hose Co. /Fire station in Milton. At this meeting we will vote on rules,hand out tickets. The balance of the $300 entry will be due at this time. You must have a team rep at the meeting if you want a vote!!!   
LTS                       USG
Midstate                   M&S Softball
Mansion House            Conway Freight
Imbibe                          Enforcers 
TapDat                         Apple Hill 4x4 
Boatmans                     Speedys Place
Millers Const.                    Crawdads 
Martzs/Silvi Law             Cherry Alley Cafe
Love Hill                      W&L Subaru  
Pa Painting                     Sons of Italy 
Crabbs Roofing                Bayard Printing 

  2016  League Tournaments   
     March 19, ASA,Class-“OPEN” - 3 GG, $150, Mike Ulmer 570-875-8551 - 
 March 26, ASA,Class- "OPEN" - 3 GG,$150,  Mike Ulmer  570-875-8551  -
  April 2 ,Class "D1-D2-E" Dist.4-Qualifier -  3 GG ,$160, 570-875-8551  
 April 23, Class-"D1-D2-E" Dist 4- Qualifier-3 GG, $160, 570-875-8551   
May 7 Class–“D1-D2-E Dist.4-Qualifier”-  3 GG ,$160, 570-875-8551  
May 28 thru 30 ,38th"ASA COKE TOUR ",Class ,C,D1,D2,E, 4-GG, $225,Sean Ulmer 570-875-8552
June 11, Class“E,D1,D2” ASA District-4- Championships, Mike Ulmer 570-875-8551 or Dave Persing 570-286-9492
June 25 , Womens  State Qualifier Class D & E   Tour., $160  , Mike  570-875-8551 
 July 9 , ASA Class-Open" Coed" , 5 men-5 women, 3-GG, $150, Mike 570-875-8551  
Aug 13 , C, D1, D2, E  ASA  Invitational Tour., Mike 570-875-8551 
Sept. 17 ,Class-“OPEN”- 5TH Fall Ping , 3GG, $160, Sean Ulmer 570-875-8552
2016 ASA State Championships 
Class E  States  @  Drifton    July 9 & 10
Class D2 States  @  Drifton    July 16 & 17
Womens Class E & D States  @  State College   July  23 & 24
Class D1 States  @  Drifton    July 30 & 31
Class C States  @  Drifton    Aug 6 
  New ASA Rules for 2016 Championship Play 
1.Courtsey runner ,1 per inning, for all ASA Adult Slowpitch 
2. The National has gotten rid of the "inning ending homerun rule for class E"
(There is a 50/50 chance our state will vote this down which means it would only apply if you go to Nationals)