Lehigh Running Club: Club Leadership

Monday, April 15

Ian Kelleher



Class of 2015


I'm a Pre-Med student in the Integrated Degree in Engineering and Arts and Sciences program.  I love running club because it has given me the opportunity to continue my love of competetive racing as well as introducing me to a great group of friends.  My hobbies include magnets and little green ghouls.  I dislike knees and enjoy a nice milkstead boiled over hard with a side of raw jelly beans.


Neal Cousino


Advisor and Ex-President 

Class of 2014

I'm in the Integrated Business and Engineering program.  I refounded the Lehigh Running Club back in 2011 because I saw a lot of interest in doing group runs and races with a more relaxed training regiment.  It's a great way for people to continue competeting while still focusing on their education.  My hobbies include digging holes...like really deep holes, watching gymanstics then reenacting it in my living room, and cheese.   


Katrina Schwab


Vice President

Class of 2015

I am an ACS Certified Chemistry Major with a minor in Business. As one of the first members when the Running Club was refounded, I have enjoyed watching the club grow while continuing to stay in shape. The people I have met through running club have made my time at Lehigh unforgettable, and I look forward to meeting new people and making new memories. When I am not running, I enjoy, water and snow skiing, wakeboarding, knitting, fishing, baking, reading, swing dancing, and making ice cream with nitrogen gas!



Emily Levenson


Women's Captain

Class of 2016

My major is Bioengineering. I like running club because there's nothing like a road run with friends after a long day of classes. Some of my hobbies include listening to music, hanging out with stuffed animals, watching books, reading movies, spending time with my family, and being indoors for months at a time...and although this isn't a hobby, I can't go a day without ice cream! 



Mike Horgan


Men's Captain

Class of 2016

 I like running club because it creates a fun team atmosphere with the opportunity to meet good friends. I consider my self a Japanese Sweet Yam Connoisseur and my other hobbies include small marsupials, the quarter pounder with cheese, a large fry, and a root beer from McDonalds, and listening to Taylor Swift music while pretending that it's me singing not her.   This one time I saw a squirrel without a tail.  Imagine that...is it even a squirrel anymore if it doensn't have a tail? I guess technically it is, but it probably has some major self confidence issues.  I feel like sometimes I'm a squirrel without a tail, but that's a story for another time.  Goodnight.  Wait, are rats just squirrels without tails? If so, it was probably just a rat, right?  HEY LOOK AT MY PICTURE I'M A LION!!!!