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PBR is not just any beer - and so you'd expect our history to be just a bit unusual, and it is.
Did you know that we started tying blue silk ribbons by hand on our bottles in 1882? (In 1916, Pabst stopped putting silk ribbons on bottle necks because of the silk shortage brought about by World War I.)

Our beer was called "Select" but people always asked for that "Blue Ribbon" beer.

We flipped this one to our marketing department and they added the words "Blue Ribbon" to the bottle label in 1895.

In 1906, we first started to use caps on bottles of PBR instead of corks. This holds true today. So if you find a PBR with a cork in it - you really have to clean out your refrigerator.

Pabst was the first brewery to put beer in cans way back in 1935. This was Blue Ribbon beer but it was called "Export" when sold in the can.

Our first cans had a picture of a can opener on the side with instructions on how to open the can of beer, with the can opener. Some have suggested that we made things too easy for our consumers, but focus groups later proved we were right to include this handy visual aid.

During World War II, Pabst Blue Ribbon beer cans were painted olive drab at the factory for military use. All of the canned beer was for the military. Pabst Blue Ribbon beer was not sold to civilians in cans during the war because of tin rationing.

Today we sell PBR in cans to civilians. These cans do not have pictures of openers on them because you don't need an opener. They also have the name Pabst Blue Ribbon on them and some very neat graphics.

If you have any fun PBR trivia to share, please send it to us at pbr@pabst.com