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Monday, May 21
2012 Kickball Team Bios


Team Name : Pumped Up Kicks

Sponsor: Mid Town Pub  (http://midtownpub.com/)

Pumped up kicks has been a long time member of the League. They were started back in 2001, and they still have 3 of the orginal memebers on the team. Most of the people on the team now used to be subs that have turned into full time members. They joint the leauge to just have some extra fun. In that spirit tafter games, win or lose, they go back to their sponsor, Mid Town Pub, for dinner and drinks; until next Thursday when they do it all over again.


 Team Name: Terry Beats

Sponsor: Bristled Boar (http://www.bristledboar.com/)

 Terry Beats, which is sponsored by Middleton's own Bristled Boar, has been in the kickball leauge for ten years. Before games they like to prepare by drinking and fiving some very modivational speeches, that is the basic agenda after the game too. They go out to drink at their sponsor or stay at the park to drink and hangout with their team mates. 


Team Name: Killer Chimps 

Sponsor: The Village Green (www.villagegreenmiddleton.com/)

 The Killer Chimps were brough together by work. They are all colleagues that like to get to gether, drink, and play kickball. Before ya fame they like to drink, no warmup needed, just a beer or two. After the game is basically the same deal. They go to their spondeor, The Village Green, to drink some more. They go out to drink win or lose. As they put it, "When we lose, we still booze."  


Team Name: Multiple Scoregasms

Sponsor: Mid Town Pub.  (http://midtownpub.com/)

Multiple Scorgasms is a just a group of friends that have been playin in the league for a few years. They joined because kickball is a different, more relaxed summer sport. They just want to have fun, drink, and play kickball. Before the game they get a few beers in to prepare. After the game they go back to their spondor, the Mid Town Pub for some more drinks.  


 Team Name: Legends part 3.

Sponsor: http://www.legendssportsbarmadison.com/

Legends part 3 is a, “drink team with a kickball problem.” They started out with a group a while back and over the years have added and subtracted members. They still have three of the original members on the team. They joined the league to have a place to hangout, drink, and play a sport; plus gloves for softball were too expensive. They are sponsored by legends bar and go there before and after every game to meet up and talk about the fun night they had.

Team Name: The Moose Knuckles.

Sponsors: http://www.clubtavern.com/

The moose knuckles are a fun loving team sponsored by club tavern. They decided to join this fine kickball team because it was something new and it sounded fun. The plan before every game is just to show up with beer. But before that can happen inspirational emails are sent out o the team for some good old fashion motivation. They after every game they head back to the club tavern for some drinks.

Team Name: Where My Pitched At?

Sponsor: http://www.midtownpub.com/ and http://www.thesilverlining.com/

Where my pitches at is a group of co-workers that get together to play kickball every week. They are sponsored by Mid Town Pub and West Bend Mutual Insurance. Not only do they like to play kickball together put they like to drink outdoors; which is another reason they joined the league. Before a game they go to Mid Town for some popcorn and drinks. Then after the game is pretty much the same deal.

Team Name: Big Toe.

Sponsor: http://www.midtownpub.com/

Big tow is a group of people that know each other in a lot of different ways. Some are high school friends, some are co-workers, some are couples; and somehow they all got together to make a kickball team. They joined the league because it is a great way to get out and play kickball with friends. They are sponsored by Mid Town Pub and after every game venture down there for some drinks.

Team Name: ETC

Sponsor: http://www.etcconnect.com/

ETC is a team without rhyme or reason; a work email was sent out and a team was formed. They are all co-workers. They enjoy being in the league because it is a place to drink and socialize and play kickball. Before every game they drink and Brain does 100 pushups and crunches. Then after games they heckle the next team and then stay out until bar time at Mid Town Pub.

Team Name: Drunk and Looking to Score.

Sponsor: http://www.midtownpub.com/

Drunk and looking to score is two friend groups mashed together to make a kickball team. They joined the league for a little extra fun. Before every game they drink and grill out, take some Jell-O shots, and have kickball juice. Then after every game they head over to their sponsor, Mid Town Tub for some drinks.

Team Name: Foul Balls.

Sponsor: No sponsor.

Foul Balls is a fun loving team without a sponsor. They are a group of college buddies and co-workers. They enjoy the league because its extra fun and they can be competitive and drink. They only goal before the game is to get to the field on time. Then after games they go to the bar for some more drinks.

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