Ridley Area Little League: Announcements

Thursday, March 21

Opening Day - April 16, 2013

Opening Day Games

Team and Individual Pictures will be taken prior to the first game of the season.

Pictures will be take regardless of weather.




Parade of Players and Opening Day Ceremony - April 13, 2013

Teams will assemble at the parking lot adjacent to Leedom School and march to the

field for a short ceremony to celebrate the 2013 Season.

Exact time will be announced shortly.




Rainout Notification

Please Register for rainout notification if you have not already done so.  You will need your phone with you when you register.

This season, RALL has adopted Rainout service that will send a text message directly to your cell phone if weather or some other unforeseen event causes a change in our schedule.  We will no longer post last minute cancellations on the website.  This will be our exclusive method for announcing cancellations.

RainedOut.net is a free service that allows RALL to quickly and efficiently communicate with its members on short notice and can be done from just about anywhere using a smart phone.

As its name states, this is especially useful when games are rained out.  Many times the decision is made while we are actually at the field.  The process for sending a mass email was typically cumbersome but the real issue was that many people may not get emails on their phone but most people do get text.  In many cases the time from making the decision to cancel to sending a mass email may take over an hour.  In this case we should get the word out in under 5 minutes.  This saves everyone time.

Therefore, in an effort to take advantage of a more flexible and effective tool we have adopted the service provided by RainedOut.com for that purpose.

Please go to the following link and with a few easy steps you will be registered and ready to receive text messages to your phone.  The steps are as follows:

                                                           You will need to have your cell phone with you when you register.


    Click on the link below and go to Ridley Area Little League’s registration page

  https://www.rainedout.net/team_page.php?a=5e079cac7c8666676f59 or

                                   go to www.RainedOut.net and search for the Ridley Area Little League       

                                                         Step 1

  •         Enter your cell phone number, click ‘Agree to Terms of Service’ then click ‘Start Signup’.
  •         A validation code will be sent to your phone at the number provided – use this code for Step 2
                                                        Step 2
  •         Enter your validation code in the field provided and click ‘Validate Code

 Step 3

  •      You are now registered and eligible to receive text alerts from Ridley Area Little League 


Monday, March 11

2013 Drafts Will Take Place During the Week of March 11

Coaches will be contacting Players by Week’s End

Practice will start Weekend of March 16

Friday, January 4

Ridley Area Little League Fundraiser

    Saturday, Jan 19, 2013   

4:00pm - 8:00pm
Don's Bar in Eddystone
Donation - $20 includes Food
$1.00 Cans /$2.00 Bottles


                                            For tickets or information please contact:

   Amy Keller @ 610-812-6609

   Mary Corcoran @ 610-781-6435

Tuesday, December 18

For Immediate Release:  Dec. 18, 2012

Contact: Maria Stearns,  610-308-5547

Leedom, PA – During an annual audit of Ridley Area Little League’s (RALL) accounting ledger, a significant misappropriation of funds was discovered. Upon discovery of the discrepancy, the RALL board contacted the Ridley Township Police.  

RALL is fully cooperating with the police on this matter. Any questions regarding the investigation should be directed to the Ridley Township Police Department.