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Sun 12/13 star LGSL Board Meeting 6:30 PM - 8:00 PM Ledyard Parks & Rec Building

Check out the Calendar for new updates! Winter and Spring registration information and dates to remember are now available. Fundraiser dining locations and dates to be announced soon.

Next Board Meeting:Sunday December 13 at 6:30pm @ Ledyard Parks and Rec

2015 Ledyard Fair Tournament:Congratulations to the 2nd annual Ledyard Fair Tournament winners, Ledyard! Thanks go out to Waterford and Groton/Mystic for their great sportsmanship and effort throughout the tournament! We hope everyone had a great time and are looking forward to next year's tournament already!!!


Season Pictures: If you send pictures in, they will be added to the website and facebook page!

*SPONSORS* We are currently seeking new Sponsors. If you have any ideas or if your business would like to sponsor LGSL, please contact Anne Wurzbacher at anne_wurzbacher@sbcglobal.net

*APPAREL* See our Ledyard Apparel Tab for information on Ledyard Girls Softball Apparel. Contact Carmine Williams at   csewilliams19@hotmail.com   to place orders.

CONCESSION STAND aka SNACK SHACK: Donations are needed for the snack shack as well as parent volunteers to sell concessions during games! More information will be sent by your coaches for volunteer scheduling. Contact any member of the board if you would like to donate!! Items we are looking for are: individually wrapped food items, juice boxes, sports drinks, soda, nuts, paper goods, gift cards and your time!


Ledyard Girls Softball is excited to be part of Little League Girls Softball Division. By being part of Little League and district 10, we can enjoy the rivary of playing other Ledyard teams along with towns within our district. We hope that the girls are just as excited as we are!  

A BIG Special thanks to all the sponsors for LGS! Please go to the sponsor link and give a look at who contributed to our league.

Coaches - Visit the Coach Resource page for more ideas.

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Winners 2nd Annual Ledyard Fair Tourney
Congrats to the 2nd Annual Ledyard Fair Tournament winners!!

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