LDBA House: Welcome

Monday, May 11
2015 Season

Welcome to the 2015 season!  I hope that everyone has a great year filled with fun and great baseball!

 Schedules for Bantam - Junior are now posted!

Matt Keron

LDBA House League Director 

Thursday, May 2
Lightning and Your Team

Friday, May 2
An Open Letter from a Coach

Today I heard a comment made about me behind my back. I started to turn around and look, but then decided better of it and kept my eyes on the field. My wife hears things like this more often than I do, because many of you don’t know who she is. She tells me what you say. I have received angry emails, full of “suggestions,” about who should be playing where and how I… lost that day’s game for the kids. I thought I’d write an open letter to all of you parents, even though I might never send it. I’ll start it this way: “I am a volunteer.”   read more http://www.bx93.com/blog/BXBreakfast/blogentry.aspx?BlogEntryID=10550986