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 Las Cruces Youth Softball Association

Welcome to the Las Cruces Youth Softball Associations Website. The LCYSA is a proud member of the New Mexico A.S.A.. We offer many programs for youth of our area, from '6 and under T-ball' to 'Under 18 softball'. Check out the current schedule for these leagues in the Schedules Section. Our biggest tournament is the Missy Molina Tournament consisting of over 120 teams from all over the surrounding areas and beyond. Check us out and enjoy!



!!!!! T-BALL !!!!!


We know there are many questions regarding the League Standings.  At the beginning of the season you were informed that each team would be scheduled for 14 games.  You were also asked to review the schedule to insure that you had the 14 games, therefore the league standings will be determined by the first 14 games played.  Teams that played extra games,  got more games than promised and those games will not be considered in determining the standings.  We appreciate your understanding.


  Coaches, Players, Parents and Fans:

Please read the recent article that Coach Candrea posted "Respecting the Officals of the Game".  It is the one on Liberty Mutual PlayPositive web site.  Thank you.