LC Bandits: Welcome



  The Bandits are happy to announce the 2015 team:

Abby Rusek #9 LCHS               Ashley Ables #13 CHS

        Racheal Peet #4 LCHS             Nicole Finazzo #30 ABHS   

    Anna Metter #7 LCHS             Kailey Schutts #23ABHS

Katie Ahlstrom #5 LCN            Jenni Reilly #11 ABHS

       Kalleigh Mathison #14 CHS      Morgan Duda #70 CHS 

Megan Mott #31 ABHS  



Welcome. I would like to start by saying our goal as coaches is to give girls, with an interest in fast pitch softball, a chance to improve and play at a higher level of competition. I want us to have training at quality facilities with competent instructors. We'll be training kids, parents, and coaches to play the game the same way, while having fun. Please scroll to top of page, or click on the calendar tab on left, for our upcoming games, practices, and results of prior games. I have also added a Message board. Please post any thoughts, messages, or whatever is on your mind to one and all of us.


Coach Tim / Coach Jim


Bring it on

Monday, April 2
LC Bandits Fastpitch Program