Long Beach Youth Basketball League: Welcome

Wednesday, February 24


End of the Season Trophy Presentation: Sunday April 10th @ 4pm (Rec Center)

1st and 2nd Place Championship (Playoff) Teams will be receiving individual trophies and a team trophy.

All starters players will be given a participation trophy.

Starter Champions: St. Vincent's Knights (Coach Candice Parten)

Starter Runner-ups:  Storm (Coach Sadie Tillman)

Rookie Champions: Bearcats (Coach Wayne Ulrich)

Rookie Runner-Ups: Sharks (Coach Alex Brady/Glenn Mueller)

Rookie Girls Champions: Heat (Coach Brian Woodward)

Rookie Girls Runner-Ups: St. Vincent Knights (Coach Mindy Lee)

Minor Boys Champions: Warriors (Coach Antonio Adkins)

Minor Boys Runner-ups: Bulls (Coach Jeff McCaleb)

Minor Girls Champions: Broncos (Coach Lisa Ladner)

Minor Girls Runner-ups: Saints (Coach Ananias Dauntain) 


BOARD MEMBERS (2015/2016) 

Bill Hertzog, President: 326-0940

Wayne Ulrich, Vice President: 669-3789

Kevin Mignor, Treasurer: 669-5438

Brian Woodward, Player/Purchasing Agent: 223-2162

Terrie Mignor, Concession Manager: 669-3051