LBA: Code of Conduct


The Litchfield Baseball Association has enjoyed considerable success in the past few years with our number of participants growing to over 300 children. With that success has come an increase in competitive spirit within our coaching, player and parent/fan ranks.

To assure that this competitive spirit remains a constructive and positive spirit, the LBA Board of Directors has adopted codes of conduct for Coaches, Players and Parents/Fans. The coaches are asked to sign their Code of Conduct prior to the season. Parents are asked to sign their name to their registration form, signifying that they and their player understand the Codes of Conduct and will abide by them during the course of the season. The Board firmly believes that these codes are a necessary tool to assure that all participants have an enjoyable experience with our league.

Players Code of Conduct

Parent/Fan Code of Conduct

Coaches Code of Conduct

Board Member Code of Conduct