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Wed 10/14 star LTJBSA Meeting 7:30 PM Indoor Training Facility
Wed 10/14 star LTJBSA Meeting 7:30 PM Indoor Training Facility

Welcome to the Web Site for Lawrence Little League Baseball, Little League Softball and Babe Ruth Baseball.  Lawrence Little League Baseball and Softball are part of NJ District 12 and Lawrence Babe Ruth is part of Southern NJ District 1.  Our Little League Baseball program is for players ages 5-12, Little League Softball is for girls ages 5-12 and our Babe Ruth Baseball Program is for boys ages 13-18.

Our GPS Location is:  100 Eggert Crossing Road, Lawrenceville NJ 08648


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2015 Sandlot Softball - Fall Program

UPDATE:  All ages will meet at Colavita Field at 6:00pm for Sandlot Softball each session.

For the 2015 Fall Softball Program, we will again be partnering with Game Time Performance.  We partnered with GTP over the summer and it was a huge success.  Please see the below handout for information.    

For those that registered directly with Lawrence for Fall Softball, we will refunding your full registration by 9/4/2015.  


Handout: 2015 Sandlot Softball


This past 4th of July Weekend, a horrible family tragedy occurred within the Lawrence Community.   Lawrence Little League President Nancy Maloney's son, Devlin had a serious pool accident and is currently at Children's Hospital of Philadelphia.  Devlin continues each day to fight and make small steps to his recovery.  He will have a long road ahead of him and we as a league and community will need to continue to pray for his recovery. 


There have been a couple funds set up to assist the Maloney Family. If you feel so inclined to assist the family, the links are below. 


At this point, we ask that you do not direct any communication to the family directly. 


We ask that you continue to pray for Devlin and the Maloney Family for a full recovery for Devlin. 


#Team Devlin




Lotsa Helping Hands


Go Fund Me Link







2015 Tournament Schedules and Results:

9U Softball Tournament
@ Bordentown Little League
( Joe Lawrence Park, 317 Ward Ave., Bordentown)

6/17/2015 - vs. West Windsor            Won 9-8
6/18/2015 - vs. Bordentown                Lost 15-13
6/19/2015 - vs. Florence 6:30             Lost

13 Year Old All Stars 

13 Year Old Tournament
@ Hamilton Babe Ruth

Full schedule and results can be found here:

7/5/2015  vs. Ewing/Hopewell  1:00pm  Lost 6-1
7/7/20015 vs. West Windsor  5:30pm Lost 3-1

14 Year Old All Stars: 

14 Year Old Tournament 
@ Mercer East Babe Ruth  

Full schedule and results can be found here:

6/27/2015  vs. Mercer East   10:00am   Won 9-3
6/29/2015  vs. Ewing/ Hopewell   6:00pm Lost 5-0
6/30/2015  vs. Hamilton   Lost 5-0

12 Year Old All Stars 

11/12 District Baseball Tournament

6/30/2015 - vs. Sunnybrae  @ Lawrence LL  6:00pm Won 6-5
7/1/2015  vs. Florence  @ Florence 6:00pm   Won 10-0
7/5/2015  vs. Robbinsville  2:00pm @ Sunnybrae LL   Lost 12-2
7/6/2015  vs. Sunnybrae  6:00pm  @ Sunnybrae Lost 10-2

12 Year Old Tournament at West End Little League

Friday 7/17/2015  vs. Chambursberg  8:00pm   Won 5-0
Tuesday 7/21 2015  vs. Bordentown  6:00pm   Lost 12-3
Wednesday 7/22/2015 vs. HTRBA  8:00pm  Won 4-1
Thursday 7/23/2015  vs. Robbinsville  8:00pm  Lost 16-1

10 Year Old All Stars

10 Year Old District Baseball Tournament

7/3/2015 - vs. Sunnybrae @ Lawrence LL  10:00am  Won 11-1
7/4/2015  vs. Nottingham @ Nottingham 10:00am   Lost 16-3
7/5/2015  vs. Bordentown @ Bordentown  12:00pm - Won 11-1
7/7/2015  vs. HTRBA  @ Robbinsville  6:00pm Won 7-5
7/9/2015  vs. Millstone  Won 10-5
7/11/2015  vs. Robbinsville 10:00am @ Robbinsville Lost 10-4

10 Year Old Tournament at Lawrence Little League

Saturday 7/18/2015  vs. Sunnybrae  10:00am  Lost 9-8
Monday 7/20/2015  vs. HTRBA  6:00pm Lost 16-3
Thursday 7/23/2015 vs. Cranbury   8:00pm  Lost 13-2


9 Year Old All Stars:

9A Baseball Tournament  
@ Nottingham Little League

Full schedule and results can be found here:

Monday 6/29/2015  vs. Sunnybrae  6:00pm   Lost 6-5
Thursday 7/2/2015  vs. Ewing A 6:00pm   Lost
Sunday 7/5/2015 vs. Millstone 10:00am    Won 10-7
Monday 7/6/2015  vs. Sunnybrae  8:00pm Lost

 9A Baseball Tournament  
@ Ewing Little League

Saturday 7/18/2015  vs.  West Windsor 1:00pm  Lost 6-1
Monday  7/20/2015  vs. Ewing   Lost 15-5

9B Baseball Tournament  
@ Nottingham Little League

Full schedule and results can be found here:

Wednesday 7/1/2015  vs. Robbinsville Gold   Lost
Friday 7/3/2015 vs. Bordetown  8:00pm Lost 15-5
Sunday 7/5/2015  vs. West Windsor  10:00am Lost

 9B Baseball Tournament  
@ Ewing Little League

 Sunday 7/19  vs. Robbinsville   Lost 17-6
Tuesday 7/21/2015  vs. Ewing B  Won 15-14

8 Year Old All Stars:

8 Baseball Tournament
@ Ewing Little League

Saturday 6/27/2015  vs. Ewing  1:00pm   Won 8-2
Wednesday 7/1/2015  vs. Robbinsville 6:00pm Lost 9-4
Monday 7/6/2015 vs. East Windsor 6:00pm Won 10-3
Wednesday 7/8/2015 vs. Sunnybrae  6:00pm Lost 10-0

 8 Baseball Tournament
Little League

Thursday 7/16/2015  vs. East Windsor  Won 6-2
Sunday 7/19/2015 vs. Ewing 12:00pm  Lost 4-3
Monday  7/20/2015  vs. Bordentown   6:00pm  Lost 10-0
Thursday 7/23/2015  vs. Nottingham 6:00pm  Won 15-4
Saturday 7/25/2015  vs. Sunnybrae  12:00pm

7 Year Old All Stars:

7 Baseball Tournament
@ HTRBA Little League

  Full schedule can be found here:

Tuesday 6/30/2015  vs. Princeton 6:00pm   
Sunday  7/5/2015  vs. Robbinsville Gold 10:00am

Saturday 7/11/2015  vs. Nottingham 2:00pm
Sunday 7/12/2015  vs. Robbinsville Blue  2:00pm

 7 Baseball Tournament
@ 6/11 Little League

Saturday 7/18/2015 vs. Bordentown 11:30am
Sunday  7/19/2015 vs. Robbinsville White  11:15am
Saturday 7/25/2015  vs. Sunnybrae Gold  9:15am
Sunday  7/26/2015  vs. East Windsor 1:45pm 




Map of Central Park

Here is a map of all field locations at Central Park.!111

Lawrence Little League is now on Facebook!

Click on the link below to view the Lawrence Little league Facebook page and become a fan!


Lawrence Little League History

Special thanks to Dave Nevius for putting together and finding information about our history.  We will continue to update as more information is obtained.

Handout: Lawrence Little League History


LTJBSA Alumni in College or Pro Sports

The below handout lists all the LTJBSA Alumni that are currently active in College Athletics or Pro Athletics.

Handout: LTJBSA in College


Thinking about purchasing a new baseball bat?

Little League has changed it's rules regarding what bats can be used in 2014.

Be sure to visit the Little League Bat Information Center before buying a new bat!

Monday, November 24

Little League Baseball Age Change

Please use the below link to access the Little League Age Change document.  This will explain the recent changes that Little League Baseball Inc. has made to the Baseball age determination date.

Uniform Pants

Lawrence LL will provide a Uniform Jersey, Hat/Visor and Socks.  PLayer needs to provide uniform pants.  We require all players to wear the appropriate color during all regular season games.  

Little League Baseball & Tee Ball - Gray

Little League Softball - Black


Dick's Sproting Goods Coupon:   

Dick's Sporting Goods Coupon



Attention all Little League Managers & Coaches

All the information and forms you need are listed under "Lawrence LL Coaches Info" on the left side of the this webpage


Thursday, June 11

2015 Little League Baseball All Star Teams:

11/12 Year Old  Team

Manager:  Bob Dalle Pazze 

10 Year Old Team 

Manager:  Sean Willever 

9 Year Old A Team

Manager:  Sean Kelly

9 Year Old B Team

Manager: Jon Weeks

8 Year Old Team

Manager:  Dave Marks

7 Year Old Team

Manager:  Mike Crowley



Monday, June 15

11/12 Year Old All Star Team


Adam Greaux
Aidan Loughran
Alex Pasquale
Ameer Hasan
Davin Jodoin
Dominck Madigan
Jake Dallarda
John Weaver
Kevin DallePazze
Liam Ripberger
Patrick Wert
Thomas Sutter
Will Koscis
Zach Berardi

 10 Year Old All Star Team


Colin Pect
John Gunton
Jonathan Westfall
Jonathon Tyliczka
Katie Ciuffreda
Liam Collins
Logan Crouthamel
Mark Holmes
Nabeel Hasan
Nate Duff
Patrick Maloney
Ryan Willever

 9 Year Old All Star Team - A Team


Charlie Lowery
Dan Dryzga
Grady Rowlands
Jacob Jordan
John Thomas
Kellen Moore
Marcos Lopez
Michael Melchior 
Parker Winn
Robert Kelly
Tobie Mitchell

9 Year Old All Star Team - B Team


Ben Omilinsky
Ben Weeks
Joshua Tyliczka
Matt Whittaker
Matthew Melchoir
Matthew Procaccini
Michael Nally
Michael Przelski
Nick Milisivana

TJ Neiman   


8 Year Old All Star Team


Charansai Raavi
Connor Crowley
Daniel Marks
David Holland
Devlin Maloney
Jacob Sudal
Luke Haan
Max Schragger
Nick Sutter
Quentin Mitchell
Seneca Sumners
Shane Mitchell
Ziggy Mlodzinski


 7 Year Old All Star Team

Aiden Crowley
Ben Hauger
Connor Willever
Deacon Moore
Drew Dobkin
Jackson Siano
Joseph Lech
Joshua Kriegel
Joshua Vichroski
Nicholas Bonczkiewicz
Zack Naughton

Monday, June 15

 Basket Raffle Winning #'s

 If you have a winning #, please email Nancy Maloney at

Basket # Winning # 
1 562085
2 567445
3 564329
4 565199
5 564106
6 566532
7 566365
8 566748
9 562697
10 562473
11 563417
12 563234
13 567295
14 563511
15 566397
16 Claimed
17 566668
18 563730
19 562471
20 562968
21 562965
22 562272
23 566298
24 563925
25 562104
26 563696
27 567807
28 564335
29 562284
30 563457
31 567288
32 563261
33 563087
34 563749
35 564311
50/50 595515