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Online registration is now available for the Spring 2017 Season
Upcoming Events
Date Event Time Location
Sat 3/4 star New Player Evaluation Day 3:00 PM - 5:00 PM Lawrence Neighborhood Center
Wed 3/8 star LTJBSA Meeting 7:30 PM American Legion Post 458
Sat 3/11 star Dick's Sporting Goods Day All Day

Welcome to the Web Site for Lawrence Little League Baseball, Little League Softball and Babe Ruth Baseball.  Lawrence Little League Baseball and Softball are part of NJ District 12 and Lawrence Babe Ruth is part of Southern NJ District 1.  Our Little League Baseball program is for players ages 5-12, Little League Softball is for girls ages 5-12 and our Babe Ruth Baseball Program is for boys ages 13-18.

Our GPS Location is:  100 Eggert Crossing Road, Lawrenceville NJ 08648


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Spring 2017 Registration

Spring 2017 Registration has begun.  Early registration Discount will run from 11/1/2016 - 11/30/2016. (N/A to T Ball)

Registration is open for our Little League Baseball & Softball Programs & Babe Ruth Baseball

If you played during the Spring 2016 then your registration log in will remain the same.  If you did not register online during the 2016 seasons - then you will need to create an online account. If you have any issues regarding your account password please contact support at 1-877-228-4881.

Early Registration Discount:

Early registration will run from 11/1/2016 - 11/30/2016.  There will be a $30.00 discount for each player registered. 
(N/A to T Ball)

Early Registration  through 11/30/2016 - $95.00
Standard Registration after 11/30/2016 - $125.00

TBall Registration - $35.00  (All Dates) 

Family Discount:

The Registration total will max at $250.00 per family.

New This Year

Payment Plans:

We are offering a payment plan for those interested.  A one time $3.00 fee will be added to each player that you take the payment plan for.  If you are registering more then one player - you will have the option to take the payment plan or not for each player.  Payment dates are:

40% - at time of registration
30% - 1/31/2017
30% - 2/28/2017

Your credit card will be automatically charged on the appropriate dates. 

Little League Parent Practice Volunteer:

If you do not want to be a full time Manager or Coach - but would like to help out with practices, we are offering a parent practice volunteer option.  This is especially valuable at the younger age levels.  We will require a volunteer application to be completed so we can comply with all Little League Volunteer Background Check requirements.  


Sibling Discount:

There will be a $10.00 discount for each additional family member that is registered.  All siblings must be registered at the same time.  This discount will apply to all players whether they are in the same program or in different programs (i.e.: One in LL Softball and one in Babe Ruth Baseball). 

If you have any questions regarding our programs, please visit our website, or email us at 

We look forward to a great season!

2017 Baseball Indoor Clinics @ Lawrence Community Center

Just a quick not to remind everyone of the upcoming clinics at the Lawrence Community Center.  

We have been able to obtain the gym at the Lawrence Community Center on Eggert Crossing Road on Saturday Afternoons starting 2/11/2017. This will give us an opportunity to run clinics and drills that we are not able to do in our smaller indoor batting cage.  

* Throwing
* Ground Balls
* Running
* Game Situations
* Games

We are running two sessions broken up into separate age groups

Session 1  (2/11/17, 2/18/17 & 2/25/17)

Session 2 (3/11/17, 3/18/17 & 3/25/17)

Ages 8 & 9  2:30pm - 4:00pm

Ages 10-12  4:00pm - 5:30pm

All players must pre-register.  Click here to sign up:

Important Dates 

Saturday March 4, 2017 - Little League Baseball New Player Evaluation Day 3:00pm - 5:00pm
Saturday March 11, 2017 - Dick's Sporting Goods Day - 20% off entire purchase
Monday March 20, 2017 - Little League Baseball Coaches Information & Rules Meeting - 6:00pm
Sunday March 26, 2017  - LL T Ball & Coach Pitch Coaches Clinic - Robbinsville HS  Time TBD
Monday April 17, 2017 - Little League First Day of Games
Saturday April 22, 2017 - Little League Opening Day Ceremonies
Saturday April 29, 2017 - Little League Picture Day
Friday May 12, 2017 - Little League Trenton Thunder Night
Saturday June 17, 2017 - Little League Championship & Picnic Day
Sunday June 18, 2017 - Rain Date for Championship & Picnic Day



New Bat rules go into place on January 1, 2018

Be careful when looking to purchase a new bat for the fall 2016 or the 2017 season.  It  will only be good through the 2017 season.  A New Bat Standard is going into effect on 1/1/2018 that will impact both Little League Baseball and Babe Ruth Baseball.  This impacts all divisions of youth baseball - from T Ball through Babe Ruth.   Please use the below links for more information.  As we get more information we will keep everyone informed.

Dick's Sporting Goods Day - Saturday March 11 2017

On March 11th - shop all day at Dick's Sporting Goods and save 20% off your entire order!  All Items! 

Handout: Dick's Sporting Goods Day


2017 Winter Softball Clinics

All clinics are held at the LTJBSA Indoor Training Facilioty on Eggert Crossing Road.  All clinics are free.  The pitching clinic does require pre-registration with Game Time Performace - but the clinic is FREE. 

Hitting Clinics:

This clinic does not require any pre-registration.   

Saturday's from 1/7/2017 - 2/25/2017

9am - 10am - Majors (Ages 10-12)
10am - 11am - Minors (Ages 8-9)
11am - 12pm - Rookies (Ages 6-8) 


Pitching Clinics:

For this clinic please click on the below link and register directly with Game Time Performance.

Wednesday's from 1/4/2017 - 2/22/2017

6:00pm - 7:00pm - Beginner Pithers
7:00pm - 8:00pm - Intermediate Pitchers

Handout: 2017 Softball Pitching Clinic


2017 Little League Baseball Winter Clinic Schedule

Below is the Little league Baseball Winter Clinic schedule.  Please use the link below register.  Space is limited and sessions will be closed once they are full.


Clinic Session Day Time Dates
6 Year Old Hitting Sessions 1 Monday's  6:00pm - 7:00pm 1/2/2017 - 1/23/2017
6 Year Old Hitting Session 2 Monday's  6:00pm - 7:00pm  1/30/2017 - 2/20/2017
7 Year Old Hitting Session 1 Tuesday's 6:00pm - 7:00pm 1/3/2017 - 1/24/2017
7 Year Old Hitting Session 2 Tuesday's 6:00pm - 7:00pm 1/31/2017 - 2/21/2017
8 Year Old Hitting Session 1 Friday's 6:00pm - 7:00pm 1/6/2017 - 1/27/2017
8 Year Old Hitting Session 2 Friday's 6:00pm - 7:00pm 2/3/2017 - 2/24/2017
9 Year Old Hitting Session 1 Friday's 7:00pm - 8:00pm 1/6/2017 - 1/27/2017
9 Year Old Hitting Session 2 Friday's 7:00pm - 8:00pm 2/3/2017 - 2/24/2017
10 Year Old Hitting Session 1 Tuesday's 7:00pm - 8:00pm 1/3/2017 - 1/24/2017
10 Year Old Hitting Session 2 Tuesday's 7:00pm - 8:00pm 1/31/2017 - 2/21/2017
11 Year Old Hitting Session 1 Monday's 7:00pm - 8:00pm 1/2/2017 - 1/23/2017
11 Year Old Hitting Session 2 Monday's 7:00pm - 8:00pm 1/30/2017 - 2/20/2017
12 Year Old Hitting Session 1 Tuesday's 8:00pm - 9:00pm 1/3/2017 - 1/24/2017
12 Year Old Hitting Session 2 Tuesday's 8:00pm - 9:00pm 1/31/2017 - 2/21/2017
8 & 9 Year Old Pitching Session 1 Thursday's 6:00pm - 7:00pm

1/5/2017 - 1/26/2017 

(No Session on 1/12/17)

8 & 9 Year Old Pitching Session 2 Thursday's 6:00pm - 7:00pm 2/2/2017 - 2/16/2017
10, 11 & 12 Year Old Pitching Session 1 Thursday's 7:00pm- 8:00pm

1/5/2017 - 1/26/2017

(No Session on 1/12/17)

10, 11 & 12 Year Old Pitching Session 2 Thursday's 7:00pm- 8:00pm 2/2/2017 - 2/16/2017 
8 & 9 Year Old Basic Skills Session 1 Saturday's 2:30pm -4:00pm 2/11/2017 - 2/25/2017
8 & 9 Year Old Basic Skills Session 2 Saturday's 2:30pm -4:00pm 3/11/2017 - 3/25/2017
10, 11 & 12 Year Old Basic Skills Session 1 Saturday's 4:00pm  - 5:30pm 2/11/2017 - 2/25/2017
10, 11 & 12 Year Old Basic Skills Session 2 Saturday's 4:00pm  - 5:30pm 3/11/2017 - 3/25/2017


2017 Little League Cadet Umpire Training

Wanto make extra cash ?  Become a Little League Umpire !  All Lawrence LL Cadet Umpires MUST attend this training session.   It is the only training class that we will accept.  Classes Start 1/31/2017.

All umpires must be atleast 13 years old and have completed Little League. 

Please click on the below links for registration form and class information.  For detailed information and questions, please contact District 12 Umpire John Shutack at

If you have already attended the class in a previous year,  you can attend the class again as a refresher.  It will be free!

2017 Umpire Registration and Schedule  

2017 D12 Registration2017 D12 Registration

2017 Umpire Training Schedule2017 Umpire Training Schedule 


2016-2017 Meeting Attendance Sheet

Lawrence Little League on Social Media

Want to be kept up to date?  Lawrence Little League Baseball & Softball are on Several Social Media Outlets.  Be sure to sign up 





send text to 81010 @lawrencell   or  


Attention all Little League Managers & Coaches

All the information and forms you need are listed under "2016 Lawrence LL Coaches Info" on the left side of the this webpage


Uniform Pants

Lawrence LL will provide a Uniform Jersey, Hat/Visor and Socks.  Player needs to provide uniform pants.  We require all players to wear the appropriate color during all regular season games.  

Little League Baseball & Tee Ball - Gray

Little League Softball - Black


Thinking about purchasing a new baseball bat?

Little League has changed it's rules regarding what bats can be used.

Be sure to visit the Little League Bat Information Center before buying a new bat!


Map of Central Park

Here is a map of all field locations at Central Park.!111


Lawrence Little League History

Special thanks to Dave Nevius for putting together and finding information about our history.  We will continue to update as more information is obtained.

Handout: Lawrence Little League History