Lawndale & Hawthorne Youth Football and Cheerleading: Welcome

 Welcome to...


"Cardinal Country!" 

  Our organization is a longstanding, proud member


Pacific Coast Conference Youth Football and Cheerleading Association,

members of  the

American Youth Football and Cheer Association.  


We were founded by our late, great PCC Founder and Chief Commissioner,

Craig Burris. Throughout his life, Craig advocated the many benefits of instruction and friendly competition, while never forgetting that the health, safety, sportsmanship,

and the welfare of our young comes first, last....always!!     





Welcome to the 2015 season!


Introducing your new... 




Executive Board 

Ricky Jackson, President


Limme Giles, Vice-President


Bill Canton, Athletic Director 


Kevin Davis, Treasurer


Donna Davis, Player Agent


Jack Martin, Equipment Manager 


James Ice, Safety Director


  Our first sign up date of the

season is..

MARCH 14th



Hawthorne Memorial Park

located at  

3901 W. El Segundo Blvd.

Hawthorne, CA 90250 













Craig & Cardinal
Cardinal Love
Click To Here To Know Craig Burris

Dedicated to the memory of our beloved Craig Burris !