Laurel Brooke Lightning: Welcome

2014 Swim Season has begun. Be sure to check our calendar and website for any updated information. We will still take new swimmers until Memorial Day.

The upcoming dive certifications are Friday, May 16th from 6-7 and Saturday, May 24th from 12-1. Laurel Brooke will cover the cost for your first attempt at the certification. 

To register this year the link is below and you will also need to fill out the waiver/insurance sheet under our handouts tab or at the bottom of this page. We are only doing registration online this year since it will automatically populate everything into a spreasheet for us.

2014 Registration Link

We are very excited to welcome our new head coach Katie Bell to the team. Katie swam for Chattahoochee Gold for 10 years, was a state qualifier for 9 years, a sectional qualifier for 8 years and a national qualifier for 4. She is now attending school at NC State, and we can't wait to see the swimming knowledge we know she will bring to the team.

Our new assistant coach this year is Haley Martin who also swam with Chattahoochee Gold for 10 years.


If you have any questions regarding the upcoming season please contact Cheryl Kunik at:

Handout: Medical and Waiver Form