Laurel Brooke Lightning: Welcome

2015 Swim Registration is now closed. The meet and practice schedule is listed in the calendar.

* Please remember to bring your drinks in if you have not done so already. The list is broken out below.


* To help offset the cost of concessions we are asking each family to provide a pack of drinks. The drinks will be broken out by last name listed below. Please bring these to practice by May 14th and mark off on the spreadsheet by your name. Coke (12 pk) - Last names A-B; Coke Zero (12 pk) - Last names C-D; Diet Coke (12 pk) - Last names E-H; Sprite (12 pk) - Last Names I-L; Water (case) - M-Q; Gatorade (any color) 8 pk of 20 oz - R-Z

If you have any questions regarding the upcoming season please contact Cheryl Kunik at:

Handout: Medical and Waiver Form