Latrobe Little League: Welcome

Forth Of July
Wednesday, February 6

Welcome to 

Latrobe Little League

  Established in 1951 

                                                                    See the LLL News Page for the Little League Pledge 

Please check out the past and present page:

You will be able to read about a current MLB umpire who got his start in Latrobe.

Also a look back at The 1998 Pa. State Champs from Latrobe.

 See new players with old teams and old players w new teams !!!!

 2019 Draft/Re-draft

Phillies: Cash Achammer, Nick Bauer, Clayton Burket, Owen Burket, Joey Crimboli, Logan Little

Pirates: Mason Barley, Ben Hantz, Charlie Heese, Chris Heese, Landon Miney, Damien Newsome, Ben Slagle

Red Sox: Austin Dowden, Ethan Goughenour, Mason Hrubes, Collette Nagy, James Smail, Evan Springob

Rockies: Joe Bearer, Luke Bulebosh, Nico Dominick, Wyatt Neiderheiser, Adam Piper,  Nick Rishel, Tommy Snyder

Tigers: Preston Anderson, Cam Bluey, Bryant Dumnich, Jeremy Lazarchik, Brian McIlnay, Josh Struble, Josh Vacha, Michael Veto

Yankees: Killian Cravener, Aiden Gray, Ethan Haydo, Stirling Murphy, Josh Short

Note: Due to the W Sox and Cardinals being disolved, their remaining players were Re-Drafted to new teams this year.

Congratulations to ALL  !!!!!

 The start of a new season !!! 

If you missed the sign up dates, and still want to sign up for minors and rookies contact us for information !!!!!

Spread the word to family and freinds  !!!!

 No fee is charged to participate in Latrobe Little League.

A $50 refundable check is due at sign-ups. This is for concession stand coverage.
Checks are to be made out to: LLL Ladies Auxiliary.