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Toprovide the athlete with the skills necessary to compete at an elite level inthe athletic arena while balancing the life skills necessary to succeed in theeducation and business world by including self discipline and respect forthemselves and others.

LasVegas Rage-Andy-Team Values

 Ourvalues are supported by behaviors we demonstrate in our everyday actions on andoff the field are:

Respect            -ourselves, teammates, coaches, umpires, and the game itself.

Accountability  -for our actions at practice, games, team functions, and school.

Growth             -by developing our players and coaches through training and education.

Excellence        -in everything we do on and off the field, a way of life.

Las Vegas Rage-Andy "Team Goals"

Represent our team and organization as an elite program by demonstrating; behaviors supporting our values, sportsmanship, and our abilities while playing competitive softball.

Assist players in achieving their own personal goals in softball, school, and recruitment by providing constant positive involvement.

Give players the opportunities to become leaders on and off the field by promoting community involvement through volunteer work or community service events.

Educate our players with the best training available to increase their knowledge, skills, and abilities, which will provide them the greatest opportunities for college recruitment.

Please call or email us if you have any questions about our program or our players.

Coach Andy Henricksen  702-401-1856


Whatever it takes

Monday, July 23
2018 Fall Tryouts Las Vegas Rage Gold (18u)

Looking to add a 4-5 players to Las Vegas Rage-Gold Team Mizuno 18u .   If you are born in 2002 thru 2005, you are welcome to contact us.




Friday, June 8

Friday, September 23
LV Rage Andy

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