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Mission Statement


The Las Vegas Monarchs is a Baseball Club compiled of and for the benefit of those who love the great game of baseball and wish to play as hard as their ability allows.


While we wish to compete with top ranked programs (not just compete but also to win) we will not do so through a mindset based on exclusion. We will not discriminate against a player who has the will, determination and love for the game just because he cannot throw an eighty-mile per hour fastball, or crush homeruns with the flick of his or her bat.


The Monarchs stand up for the chance to compete, the opportunity to play baseball even when the player is not the “first kid” to be picked, the biggest, fastest or strongest. We all should be given the chance to suit up and take the field; win, lose or draw.


Those invited to join the inaugural roster of the Las Vegas Monarchs have somewhere along the way been shunned by the system, shut out by politics or just deemed not good enough to be chosen to play with the so called elite teams. Others have the talent, but just wished to avoid the thought process of which the game is no longer fun but based only on win/loss stats. We care about winning, make no mistake, but character, focus and discipline come first in this organization. The Monarchs welcome all of the above. We unify in our diversity.


The Las Vegas Monarchs philosophy is built around the idea that baseball fosters important skills to be used on and off the field, creating a set of disciplines that carry forth in your child’s life. One of the most important to us is the ability to get along with others despite skill level, culture, status, gender, race or affiliation. The Monarchs are built around team, not individuals. No one player is more important than the team itself. If a player is under the impression that he or she is the gas that runs this engine they are sorely mistaken. Repeated often, forgotten quickly, “there is no ‘I’ in team”.


Like our namesake, which is borrowed from the outstanding tradition of excellence brought to fruition by the Kansas City Monarchs and players such as Satchel Paige and Jackie Robinson; we come together to play baseball when many of us find ourselves excluded from the apparent mainstream systems. Like our namesake we shall ultimately come face to face with those that have turned us away and we shall compete and we shall win, for we are playing a game above their comprehension.


We play the game of acceptance, passion, heart and we never lose when we play the game that way. We come together to play baseball. We come together to play Monarchs Baseball.



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Wednesday, February 3

For all of your tax needs this season, contact Hall and Associates, Proud supporters of the Las Vegas Monarchs.

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Saturday, January 16


Sean C. Hobart