Lassiter Fastpitch: Lassiter Player Awards

Thursday, November 17
2016 Team, Region, County, State Awards
 2016 1st Team All-Region 2016 1st Team All-County

  Blake Neleman - Pitcher of the Year

 Piper Wagner - Player of the Year

  Piper Wagner - Utility

 Shannon Antonini - Shortstop
 Avery Webster - Infield
 Blake Neleman - Pitcher
 Shannon Antonini - Infield  
   2016 Team Awards
 2016 1st Team All-State

 Piper Wagner - Team Captain

 Piper Wagner

 Shannon Antonini - Team Captain

   Avery Webster - Defensive MVP
 2016 2nd Team All-State
 Piper Wagner - Offensive MVP
 Shannon Antonini
 Jesse Beasenberg - Trojan Award


2016 Honorable Mention All-State

Blake Neleman

Avery Webster

 Celena Michaud - Trojan Award

2015 Lassiter Player Awards

2015 5AAAAAA 1st Team All-Region                                   Lassiter Team Awards

Shannon Antonini - Infield                                                       Shannon Antonini - Offensive MVP

Andrea Summey - Infield                                                        Jesse Beasenburg - Defensive MVP

Sally Swan - Outfield                                                              Andrea Summey - Trojan Award

2015 MDJ 1st Team All-County                                           GACA 1st Team ALL-STATE

Andrea Summey                                                                       Andrea Summey

                                                                                                GACA 2nd Team ALL-STATE

                                                                                                Shannon Antonini

2014 Team, Region, County and State Awards

  2014 1st Team All Region 5AAAAAA                                   2014 1st Team All County
  Kelly Sinclair - Player of the Year                                           Brianna Michaud - Pitcher of the Year
  Brianna Michaud - Pitcher                                                     Kelly Sinclair 
  Andrea Summey - Infield
  Sally Swan - Outfield       
2014 GACA 1st Team All State                                            2014 GACA North/South Senior All Star Game
Kelly Sinclair - SS - AAAAAA Player of the Year                  Kelly Sinclair
Brianna Michaud - Pitcher


2013 Team, Region, County and State Awards


  2013 1st Team Region 5AAAAAA
      2013 Team Awards             
 Piper Wagner - Pitcher of the Year
 Carli Kayler - MVP        
 Carli Kayler - Player of the Year
 Murphy Davis - Defensive Award        

 Kelly Sinclair - Infield

 Kelly Sinclair - Offensive Award

 Elise Sandberg - Outfield
 Elise Sandberg - Offensive Award        
 Emily Syvarth - Outfield
 Emily Syvarth - Trojan Award
 2013 GACA 1st Team All-State  2013 GACA 2nd Team All-State
 Carli Kayler  Elise Sandberg
 Kelly Sinclair

 2013 MDJ 1st Team All-County

Karli Kayler

Kelly Sinclair