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Purple People Eaters
Ray Larson
54 Handel Ln
Greenhills, Ohio
  League Rules  

Pee Wee Rules

Greenhills Pee Wee League Soccer is intended to be a fun introduction to
the game of soccer while developing kicking, dribbling, and team skills.

Below are the basic rules that should serve to answer some of your
questions regarding the Greenhills Pee Wee League.

Pee Wee League Rules
1.      The Field - 50 x 30 yards

The field is divided by a mid line and has a 10 yard circle in the

The goal is 4' x 6' and sits on the end line.

>From the center of the goal an arc is drawn 8 feet out from the end

2.      The Ball - No.3 size

3.      Players
       - Both boys and girls on the same team
       - Six players on the field at a time plus one coach -no goalies
       - Players rotate each quarter

4.      Equipment -. Soccer shoes and shin guards must be worn. No jewelry (including barrettes, hair balls or beads , earrings)

5.      Referees - Parents and Coaches will be asked to referee the games.

6.      Duration of Game – 4 quarters -- 8 minutes long in duration.

7.      Start of Play - mid-field kickoff    (alternate teams each quarter). Switching sides at the half can be determined by the coaches.

8.      Ball Out of Play - kick from point ball left field.

9.      Method of Scoring - any shot that is taken from outside of the 8 foot
circle can be-scored. Defensive players are permitted inside
the 8 foot circle to retrieve the ball, but must get out in a short time
(3-5 seconds)

10.    Off Sides - none.

11.    Fouls - all those that apply in the player-on-player situations, such as pushing or tripping.
Coaches are told to explain the reason for the foul to the players. Direct kick awarded to other team or drop ball if foul on both players.

12.    Penalty Kick - none.

13.    Throw-in - none. (It is felt that the importance must be placed on
kicking therefore an indirect kick is taken from the touch line).

14.    Goal Kick - taken from the top of the 8 foot free circle.

15.    Corner Kick – taken from the corner when the defensive team kicks the ball over the end line.

16. Try to control the dominant player. Switch positions, encourage passing, try to limit the number of goals.

League Schedule
Games will begin on Saturday, September 9th.   Starting the week of September 18th we will begin to play a game one night during the week and one game on Saturday morning through the 3rd week of October. Rainouts will be left up to the coaches to be made up.

Game and Practice Locations
All practices will be held at Palma Park. Games will be played at Palma Park or Kemper Meadow.
Our league is combined with Forest Park and Woodlawn.

Goal Set-up and Storage
Goals for Palma Park will be stored behind the garage at 4 Andover (near the tennis courts).
Please be sure to store the goals at the end of each practice and game.

Contact Kathie Butz 674-9019 or Jen Hays 729-8228 with any questions


Purple People Eaters
Purple People Eaters
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