Lancaster County Bulldawgs: Welcome

Bulldawg 500

           “It is easier to raise boys and girls than to mend men and women.”

                                       -S. Truett Cathey of Chick-Fil-A

The Lancaster County Bulldawgs have made this our goal.  Our objective is to reach boys between ages 5-12, and girls from 5-15 through football, cheerleading, and step.  We want to build a premiere program that will compete with teams from Rock Hill, Gaffney, Gastonia and others in the Charlotte area.  While we are coaching these players, we will also mentor and tutor our players.  All participants will be held accountable for their performance and behavior in school. They will be disciplined for poor performance and rewarded for outstanding performance.  Through hard work, discipline, and positive role models, we aim to create elite football players and cheerleaders as well as productive members of society and business and community leaders for the future.


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