Lakota West High School Girls Lacrosse: Links

JV Red vs Indian Hill online photos-03/24/05
If you see any pictures you'd like to have please let me know and I'll send you the original digital photo. Email me at

Varsity vs. Kings online photos-03/17/05

Varsity @ St. Ursula online photos-03/16/05

Mason/St. Ursula Playday online photos-03/12/05
If you see a picture that you wish to have the original digital copy of, please email me the photo number, i.e.- 5 of 103, 23 of 103, etc, along with the name of the photo album. The original is of better quality than the image you see on this website. Email to
This also applies to the other photo albums, i.e.-Mariemont Playday.

Mariemont Playday online photos-03/05/05

2005 Lakota HS Girls Team Photos

Velocity Lacrosse
Ask for Jon Simon ,,, tell him you're a Lakota player ,,, he'll take care of you.

Mark Howell has been taking great care of Lakota players for many years ,,, always worth a trip or a call!

Great Atlantic Lacrosse Company
If they don't have it, you don't need it.

DeBeer Lacrosse
The Apex and other advanced Women's crosses.

STX Lacrosse
Time tested and always innovative.

Brine Lacrosse
Excellent lacrosse equipment manufacturer for decades.

Great source of information for all levels of play.

U.S. Lacrosse
The governing body for our sport.

Major League Lacrosse
Home of Major League (outdoor) Lacrosse. Follow your favorite team or our good friends Gary Gait,Pat Dutton and Tim Booth!

Inside Lacrosse
If it's not covered here, it didn't happen.