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February 28, 2010 

Players and Families,

2010 holds great anticipation and excitement for the Lakota East Lacrosse program.  Over the past 2 years, we have seen the number of young men representing our school to play lacrosse double to over 60.  This is a reflection of the growing understanding and passion for this game and of the quality of the program we are developing.  The players, families, coaches, school administration, student body, and community are working diligently and collaboratively to develop our young men and grow our sport.  In this 2010 season, we are “Building a Legacy & Recognizing Our Purpose.” 

This starts and ends with the values of our team.  We strive to exemplify excellence in Leadership / Fellowship, Ownership, Integrity, Passion for Winning, and Trust.  Our strategies to develop this program are through  

·         Responsible, committed, and versatile players.

·         Top notch, dedicated and focused team staff.

·         Active & effective advisory council.

·         Strong developmental program in youth lacrosse.

·         Parental, family, and school administrative support.

·         Active and enthusiastic student body spirit.

The aforementioned is more than nice words.  It is the foundation and direction for our program.  Everyday holds the opportunity to work hard to become a little better.  Everyday holds the opportunity to work to develop the understanding of both the broad strategies and minute details of lacrosse.  Everyday holds the opportunity to become one unit with common goals.  The effort it takes to fulfill these expectations is daunting and exhaustive.  But it is also so fulfilling.   

 I leave you with a final thought from an ancient Chinese proverb…  “Behold the turtle; He makes no progress until he sticks his neck out.”  I have high expectations and bold goals for this team and our program.  I share them with people internal and external to our programs, and I share them without hesitation or reservation.  It is our time to step out and have the pride, spirit, and excellence of our program be recognized.

I look forward to the work and rewards of the 2010 season. 

East on three…  1, 2, 3, EAST!

Coach McDonell

Thursday, January 21
2010 Registration for EAST HS Boys

Click on link above or go to main site for handouts.   You will need Reg Form, US Lax form, and Emergency Med form.