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sweet victory 2007 JV

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Sunday, May 2
Seniors celebrate victory over East

2010 Seniors 

Front (L-R) - Adam Wacek, Todd Stitz

Back (L-R) - Mac Gerhardt, Ryan Cumberledge, Terrance Shipmon, Mat Williamson, Emmanuell Hill


Tuesday, March 30
2010 Schedule

Go to OHSLA link above for the 2010 schedule and results

The Greatest Lacrosse Player to ever Play Football

Jim Brown of Syracuse University Lacrosse.  By the way he played some football too (NFL HOF).  One more reason why all football players should play lacrosse.


Saturday, October 11
Do you know these boys? Check out our 2009 Juniors & Seniors when they were in JHS

Roster in video from 2005:

      03  Ryan Noel  Middie 
        04  Todd Stitz  Middie 
        05  Stephen Humbert  Middie 
        07  Matthew Williamson  Middie 
        10  Adam Wacek  Middie 
        11  Paul Ward  Middie 
        15  Patrick Harkins  Defender 
        16  Jim Kellites  Defender 
        20  Matt Scholle  Attack 
        22  Eric Holland  Middie 
        25  Zack Forsell  Middie 
        26  Andrew Urban  Attack 
        27  Garret Kohler  Middie 
        28  Michael Balkoweic  Attack 
        29  Jake Gaston  Attack 
        29  Zachary Martell  Attack 
        30  Logan Hesterberg  Defender 
        31  Adam Nichols  Middie 
        32  Wesley Nydick  Middie 
        33  Ryan Keller  Middie 
        34  Jacob Wood  Middie/Defender 
        35  Tyler Fricker  Goalie 
        36  Mac Gerhardt  Attack 
        37  Brendon Kestler  Attack 
        38  Logan Pence  Defender 
        41  Taylor Rahe  Defender 
        42  Ryan Cumberledge  Attack 
        44  Erik Meyer   
        48  Scott Carney  Middie/Goalie 
        49  Jon Deak  Defender 
        50  Chris Price  Defender

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Monday, March 3
Yappi High School Sports Blog

Check out what other Cincinnati HS lacrosse players are talking about on this blog by clicking the link or go to the Lacrosse Forum at

It is an online community for Ohio High School sports - message boards for online discussion of your favorite high school teams, players, games, and scores.



Game Action Photos

Parents you too can add your game pictures easily to this website.  Go to page 'Albums', click 'Add Photos', and upload your shots through Shutterfly.

Also check out pictures of this season courtesy of two parents:

John Snyder pics @

 Lee Ann Mitchell pics @  

 and check out pictures from 2007 from parent George Kinstedt @