Lake Volleyball Club: Sports Performance Training

Thursday, November 20
Sports Performance Training for both Junior Athletes and Adults

2015-16 Sports Performance Training

Keep Agile and Strong

Training is open to all ages.  No Club Membership required for training.



*Vertical jump

*Serving and hitting power

*Good biomechanics to prevent injury and improve performance

*Overall athletic conditioning, health & fitness



Private Training $270.00 – 1 hour training once a week for 6 weeks

                            OR $ 540.00 – 1 hour training twice a week for 6 weeks

Semi Private Training (2-3 athletes) $210.00 per person– 1 hour training once a week for 6 weeks

                            OR $ 420.00 per person– 1 hour training twice a week for 6 weeks

Small Group Training (4-6 athletes) $150.00 per person– 1 hour training once a week for 6 weeks

                            OR $ 300.00 per person – 1 hour training twice a week for 6 weeks 

Personal Fitness Training
A Convenience fee added for all credit card payments


Lake Volleyball Club Training Center

3316 Old Hartford Rd Suite B

Lake Stevens, WA 98258 

Meet your Sports Performance Coach  

Maurice Agol:  Personal Trainer, Health and Fitness, and Athletic Conditioning
BSC. Exercise and Sport Science (WWU) American College of Sports Medicine, Health Fitness Specialist

This will be Maurice’s 2nd year on staff with Lake VBC and 3rd year in the Lake VBC family.  Maurice has been in the Fitness industry for over 15 years.  He believes in holistic approach to being healthy, therefore, he advocates healthy dietary habits (NOT DIETING), regular exercise, stress management, adequate sleep, mental stability, adequate hydration, etc.  He believes that the prevalence of injury in young athletes is mostly due to the growth spurt without the corresponding muscular strength and stability. His training program includes Dynamic warm up/movement preparation, Strength training, Interval/Plyometric/Agility, Endurance, Core/Balance and Cool down/Foam roller mobilizations. He says that a simple movement screen can reveal fitness deficiencies that can be corrected with a specific tailored exercise program, thus preventing injury and improving athletic performance.  He adds “Diagnosing an injury is not within my scope of practice, but I will work with athlete’s Physical therapist to continue therapeutic exercise program outside the clinic”. Specialties:  Functional/Athletic and Strength Conditioning, Physical Therapy clinic rehabilitation experience, Weight management, Metabolic disorders. 



To register: 

Email: Rachelle at to hold your spot (72 hours hold).  We will email you the registration form.

Questions about the program contact:

Maurice Agol Email:   Cell: (206) 715-3489


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