Lake Volleyball Club: 2014 Club Payment Schedule

Sunday, April 13
2014 Dues Payment Schedule
Monthly Payment options
   A Convenience fee added for all credit card payments.



Financial Obligation to the Club & payment plan:

U14-1, U15-1, U16-1                                                                                       Nov $900 at signing

U16-2, & U18-1                                                                                     Dec 15th $500

                                                Jan 15th $500

Feb 15th $500

                Mar 15th $500

Apr 15th  $500

Total Due:  $3400


U13-1, U13-2, U14-2                                                                                          Nov $700 at signing

    Dec 15th $350

    Jan 15th $350

    Feb 15th $350

    Mar 15th $350

   Total Due:  $2100


U12-1, 12-2                                                                                                            Nov $600 at signing

   Dec 15th $300

   Jan 15th $300

   Feb 15th $300

   Mar 15th $300

   Total Due:  $1800


Travel:   All teams will have at least one tournament that they will need to travel to.

***Transportation to these events is not included.

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