Lake Volleyball Club: Practice Schedule

Ashley and Megan
Friday, October 3
2015 Practice Schedule

2015 Practice Schedule:

U12-1  Mon.(NLMS) & Wed.                 5-7pm

U12-2  Mon & Thurs. (NLMS)   5-7pm 

U13-1  Tues & Thurs.                 5-7pm

U14-1  Mon & Wed.                   7-9pm

U14-2  Tues. & Thurs(NLMS)                     5-7pm

U15-1  Tues & Thurs 7-9pm

U15-2  Mon(NLMS) & Wed  5-7pm & 7-9pm 

U16-1  Mon. & Thurs.               7-9pm & 5-7pm

U17-1  Mon & Wed                     5-7pm 

U18-1  Tues & Thurs.                 7-9pm

Boys    Saturday  9-Noon 


***We will be practicing during Christmas Break and that will be a scrimmage schedule for the teams.  TBD

When do practices begin?

U12-U14 start Tues 11/11

U15-U18 start Tues 11/25

Practices will continue thru your last scheduled tournament. 


Practice Locations:

LSVTC-  3316 Old Hartford Rd, Lake Stevens, WA 98258

NLMS- 2202 123rd Ave NE, Lake Stevens, WA 98258 

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