Lakeside Little League: Field Preparation

Home Team Duties
  1. If bases are still on field, remove base and rubber stakes. Stakes may need channel pliers to remove from ground. Place round orange plugs into ground sockets.
  2. Now, drag field without dragging infield mix onto grass. Stay at least 6 to 12 inch. away from grass. Use rake to level around bases, home plate, and grass edges. Lift drag up and and shake it out on dirt field.Do not get dirt on grass! Place drag on concrete next to field boxes.
  3. Place orange or white base stakes into bottom of base. Put base into ground socket.
  4. Open round valve box cover. Turn on field sprinklers and let run until field is good and wet. Open rectangle valve box and hook up hose reel. These boxes are located on the foul sides of fields. Water by hand base lines and home plate area. Lightly sprinkle the pitchers mound. Watering is very important to keep our fields firm. Turn off valves and close box covers. Place hose reel on concrete near back of dugout. Do not leave on grass so country can mow lawns. We will leave hose reels out this year to make watering easy. Please lock up hose reel to fence post.
  5. Paint machine, string line, paint, and template for base lines and batters box are in shed next to snack shack. Please return them to shed when finished. Return pitching machine to shed also.

Visiting Team Duties
  1. After game is over, remove bases and place in field boxes. Place round rubber plugs in ground sockets. There are extra plugs in shed if needed.
  2. Drag field and rake out batters boxes.
  3. If pitching mounds need water, now is the time to water them. They are built with clay that is too sticky to water before games.
  4. Turn on field sprinklers, and water down base lines, and batters boxes. If you are the last game for the day, leave water on until infield is soaked. The key to keeping our fields firm is to water them down a lot after every game.
  5. Close all sprinkler boxes, and lock up hose reels to fence on concrete.