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Saturday, July 20
Closing Day, 2013

Well here it is everyone, the end of the 2013 Season at Lake Shore Little League. Festivities being at 9:30 AM with various ball games followed by our trophy awards and finally The Raffle!  So grab you rain coats (??? :-( ???) a hot dog and enjoy the day!

All - in - all it has been a pretty good season even with all the rain early on and the brutally HOT days recently.  There have been issues that have come up through the season that we have tried our best to rectify, and we are already planning for next year to try fixing things that didn't go quite as we had hoped.  Every year we find things that we haven't thought of or can do better, as they say you learn something new everyday!  We appreciate you patience and encourage your participation in whatever we do.  We have often seen the smiles on the kids faces around the fields and that is what makes what we do worth while!

We hope that your experience at Lake Shore Little League this year has been a positive one, and that you are looking forward to next season as much as we do.  Being part of the Lake Shore Little League volunteers is long hours, hard work and frustration, while at the same time being a constant learning experience that is fun and extremely gratifying!

We appreciate the support we receive from our area sponsors, volunteers, parents, families and players.  Without you we could never be able to provide what we do for the kids that participate in Lake Shore Little League!





Tuesday, July 9

Saturday, July 20

Thursday, February 21
3 Fun Baseball Drills For Kids

 Here is an article with some baseball drills that you team may like.  Click on the link above to go to the article.  It won't be long now before we are on the fields!