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Last updated
02-22-17 11:04 AM
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Wednesday, February 22

Brackets for Intramural Tournament are now located in the Handout Folder.  They have team names in at the correct seeding

 2017 Spring Basketball     2017 Spring Basketball     2017 Spring Basketball
   Online registration is now open for Spring County basketball for girls and boys ages 8U-14U! Teams may be subject to tryouts. Viability of divisions may be contingent on registration numbers and coach availability. In the event an age group isn't viable or a player isn't selected for County play, refunds will be issued in full. Registration closes the end of February! Spring County games are played on Sunday's mid-March through mid-June. If interested in coaching a Spring team, please email as soon as possible.
 2017 Spring Basketball  registration link - - - 

Seedings for the Intramural Tournament (key:head to head tie, went with best defense, head to head tie, went with best defense, tie with no HTH fairness goes to total best defense season

7-8Girls:  1-  Billmyer, 2-Midgett-White, 3-Taylor, 4-Bieda

9-11Girls:  1- K David, 2- Schulze, 3- Hayes, 4-Bauer, 5-Hogan

7-8Boys:  1-Sealing, 2-Findley, 3-Pandya, 4-Smith, 5-Reil (75), 5-Robey (120), 7-Klug (129), 8-Kobrin 

9-10Boys:  1- Fox, 2-Welch, 3-Reil, 4-Stone, 5-Garner, 6-Tate, 7-Sparenberg, 8-Bogard 

11-12Boys:  1-Stone, 2-Humphries, 3-Lupinek, 4-Warner, 5-Kopp

13-14Boys:  1- Chew, 2-Bortle, 3-Domowski, 4-Sesney, 5-Roe, 6-Chassereau, 7-Humphries, 8-Samuel

15-17Boys:  1- Potter, 2-Hill, 3- DeBoy, 4- Smoot, 5-Devine, 6-Holt

Adult League:  1-Terric, 2-Shooters, 3-Kepner/Miller, 4-Marley Ballers, 5-Team#12,  6-Tommy, 7-Rainge, 8-Wolfpack, 9-Fowler, 10-Hess, 11-P-Henry, 12-No Name Yet                                                                               




 2/15:  Brackets are now in the Handout Folder, all Intramural under 18, and a separate file for Adult League.  Seeding Numbers are there but, of course NO team names.  The Adult Bracket is on Legal Size Paper.

2/14:  Parents / Players / Fans:   A Grid Schedule is now located in the Handout folder.  It includes all extra games for the end of the year.  It is divided by locations.  The times will only change if seeding poses a problem for a Coach with 2 teams.  (I'm still having a problem posting the actual bracket, sorry)   CBMS "B" side - no practices on Feb. 27th and Feb. 28th after 6pm


2016-2017 Year End Single Elimination Tournament  --- Seeding will be posted as soon as scores are in.  Game times are tentative and may be swapped within bracket if a conflict exists between a Coach with 2 teams.


Co-Ed 5/6

No tournament

Saturday at Bodkin - Feb. 25th

11 AM -  Girls Got Game

Noon  -  Boys All-Stars                                                                                                                                                                      

 Girls 7-8       All-Star Game 2pm at Bodkin on Feb. 25th

 Saturday at Bodkin - Feb. 25th  Tournament and All-Star Game
















2/25 SAT. 9AM Bodkin























 2/25      Saturday

 1PM Bodkin




















2/25 SAT. 10AM Bodkin














  Girls 9-11       All-Star Game 7pm at "A"-side CBMS on Saturday, Feb. 18th

Saturday at CBMS "B"-side - Feb. 25th  Tournament Starts

Game 1 (seeds 4 and 5)  11 AM  "B"-side  CBMS

Game 2 (seeds 2 and 3)  NOON "B"-side CBMS

Game 3 (seed 1 and winner of game 1)  5 PM "B"-side CBMS

Championship (winners of games 3 and 2) 6 PM "B"-side CBMS  on MONDAY Feb. 27th 



  Boys 7-8       All-Star Game 4pm at CBMS  "A"-side on SUNDAY Feb. 19th

 Saturday at CBMS - Feb. 25th  Tournament starts, ends on Tuesday, Feb. 28th


   Boys 9-10      All-Star Game 5pm at CBMS  "A"-side on SUNDAY Feb. 19th

 Saturday at CBMS - Feb. 25th  Tournament starts, ends on Tuesday, Feb. 28th


   Boys 11-12       All-Star Game 6pm at CBMS  "A"-side on SUNDAY Feb. 19th

 Saturday at CBMS - Feb. 25th  Tournament starts, ends on Monday, Feb. 27th


 Boys 13-14      

 Saturday at CBMS - Feb. 25th  Tournament starts, ends on Monday, Feb. 27th

 Boys 15-17      

 Sunday at CBMS - Feb. 26th  Tournament starts, ends on Sunday, March 5th

 ADULT League       

 Sunday at CBMS - Feb. 26th  Tournament starts, ends on Sunday, March 5th




 Remember Coaches need to send in scores to

                                                                   School Closures

updated 2/13  updated 1/31       updated Jan 10th            updated January 5th, 2017

Added closures to Jacobsville :  February 24 through March 3rd (book-fair)  

CBMS "B" side only - No Practices on Monday 2/27 and Tuesday 2/28 after 5:59PM, 

 School Closures and Notes:  Remember if schools are closed because, of weather LSB can not use them that day.  

Bodkin:   Never park in the Bus/Fire lane!    January  20th, 27th, February 20th, March 20th

CBMS:     February 20th, "B"-Side only No Practices on Monday 2/27 and Tuesday 2/28 after 5:59PM, March 20th

Ft. Smallwood:       January  20th, February 3rd, 20th, March 20th

Jacobsville:       February 10th, 20th, 22nd and 24th, added Feb 24 - March 3rd, March 20th 

Lake Shore:     February 10th, 20th, March 20th

Pasadena Elem:  No Mondays or Tuesdays,   February 3rd, 10th, 20th, March 20th

Coaches and Parents/Players all need to see the NEW rules for gym usage in the handout folder. 




 At all schools this year Anne Arundel Parks and Recs mandated new rules for school usage.

We are now to "man" the entrance door (whatever door we use to get to the gym from the outside) at all schools and turn over the door duty to the next team coming in.  This means we need a parent to step up and sit by the door.  The door is not to be propped open!  This is not the most desirable task that anyone wants to have but, at this time it is the most important.  If we do not follow the steps above, the county will pull our gym permits!  Please report if the rules were not followed by the team that you replace.  This is important so teams are forfeiting their gym times and not the whole league suffers.  The league is also getting complaints about illegal parking and remember there is NO smoking of any kind on school property. 
Lake Shore Basketball Board


Coaches - all games have been updated for scores that I have received.  Please forward scores ASAP.  When you fill out your roster in the scorer's book, please put your team name (that's on schedule) at the top.  Grey and White are not enough.   Scores should be emailed to:


Equipment:  Equipment turn in .... please email   for info. 


------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ follow us on facebook:      Lake Shore Basketball, Pasadena MD Facebook
 Message us on Facebook (Lake Shore Basketball, Pasadena MD) or email us at if interested in volunteering for the upcoming season!   
 We now need parents to stay by the doors of the gyms to let players, parents, and fans into the facilities!
The custodians will unlock the door for us and our job is to MAN the doors.  They can not be left propped open.  Please make sure that each team is contributing to this new safety measure.



 In the handout section is the new Coaches Application, for the 2014-2015 Season.  It needs filled out and emailed to 

Next it is your responsibility to mail in a new background check form to AA Co Rec and Parks, if your name is not in their volunteer database (good for 3 years).  The link is below (updated 10/4):

 lost and found (email to claim


Lake Shore Basketball
Lake Shore Basketball
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