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Last updated
03-24-15 09:28 AM
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Tuesday, March 24

 Spring Registration is Closed for the 2015 Season

School Closures and Notes:  Remember if schools are closed because, of weather LSB can not use them that day.  March 30th is now a school day and we can use the gyms that day!

Bodkin:   Never park in the Bus/Fire lane!     Feb. 26th,   March 5th, March 9th - 18th, and 31st 


Ft. Smallwood:    


Lake Shore:  

Pasadena Elem:  March 31st - April 6th


Just in -  End of Year Tournament:  

7/8 Girls - Champions Martell, 2nd place Clayville

9/11 Girls - Champions Woodling, 2nd place Wilkens


7/8 Boys - Champions Garner, 2nd place  Fox

9/10 Boys - Champions Matkins, 2nd place Christopher

11/12 Boys - Champions Chew, 2nd place Bostic

13/14 Boys - Champions Sachs, 2nd place M. Dick

15/17 Guys - Champions Worsham, 2nd place Dressel

Adults - Champions Terric/Kyle's team, 2nd place Clark team 


County Standings: 

 8U Girls - Champions - Slade

11U Boys - Champions  - Rebstock

12U Girls - Champions B Division - Chew

12U Boys - Champions - Helsel

14/15U Boys - Champions - Cybert

14/15U Boys - Champions - Potter 



  Equipment:  Equipment turn in .... please email   for info.


Seeding for tournament is below.  If team is in RED or PINK then they were tied and decision was made by Head to Head.  If team is in GREEN then H to H was a tie so went by best defense between the 2 teams.  If BLUE then, it was decided because tied, then went to how they played against next highest seeded team.  If ORANGE then, it was a three way tie seeded them by wins among themselves.  If BROWN then, it was a four way tie, took head to head records, 2 had 2 Wins 1 Loss, top seed out of them was the one that won over the other.  Then took the two that were 2 L and 1 Win, the top seed went to the one that won over the other.

7/8 Girls    9/11 Girls    7/8 Boys    9/10 Boys 
 1 Clayville    1 Woodling     1 Garner     1 Matkins
 2 Martell    2 Wilkens    2 Taylor    2 Christopher 
 3 Bumgarner     3 Clausen    3 Robertson     3 Hogan
 4 Schulze    4 Manning    4 Moreau    4 Leather
         5 Emmons    5 Duncan
         6 Fox    6 Zenker
 15/17 Guys      Adults    7 Herzberger      7 Stone
 1 Worsham    1 Terric/Kyle     8 Donaldson     
 2 Johnson    2 Clark    9 Bertoglio    
 3 Dressel    3 Cody        
 4 Sichette    4 Corey      11/12 Boys     13/14 Boys
 5 Adams    5 Joe    1 Chew     1 Sachs
 6 Dick    6 Barna    2 Benner    2 Dick
 7 Holt    7 Gerben      3 Bostic    3 Carloss
 8 Keiper    8 Tommy      4 Sesney    4 Woodling
 9 Urban    9 Graft      5 Fisk    5 Toense
 10 Farbman    10 Pyle     6 Hogan    6 Bostick
           7 McDonald    7 Heck
          8 Dawson    





Left on "A" side (Fisk?) a brown leather folder, please email




Coaches - all games have been updated for scores that I have received.  Please forward scores ASAP.  When you fill out your roster in the scorer's book, please put your team name (that's on schedule) at the top.  Blue and White are not enough. 




HOME Team wears white jersey and AWAY team wears the blue side 


lost and found:   Most clothes  left at all schools are put in the lost and found at those schools.                  

 Found brown leather folder "A" side.  Missing a tear drop earring from Ft. Smallwood, if you picked up please  email me 


 New Rule Change:  (effective immediately)      For FOUL shots         updated because changed in High Schools                                                                                                     

The foul shooter and those lined up behind the shooter can't move until the ball hits the rim. All lined up along the lane move on the release of the ball.  




 Coaches please send all scores to


------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ follow us on facebook:      Lake Shore Basketball, Pasadena MD Facebook



Lake Shore Basketball has decided that Kevin Cybert has been named Coach of the Year 2014


 lost and found (email to claim

 Message us on Facebook (Lake Shore Basketball, Pasadena MD) or email us at if interested in volunteering for the upcoming season!   
 We now need parents to stay by the doors of the gyms to let players, parents, and fans into the facilities!
The custodians will unlock the door for us and our job is to MAN the doors.  They can not be left propped open.  Please make sure that each team is contributing to this new safety measure.


Coaches:  all LSB  coach applications should now be emailed to  

Below in the Orange Box are frequently asked  questions that may help you enjoy the league to it's fullest!  It includes the differences between the county program and the intramural.


 In the handout section is the new Coaches Application, for the 2014-2015 Season.  It needs filled out and emailed to 

Next it is your responsibility to mail in a new background check form to AA Co Rec and Parks, if your name is not in their volunteer database (good for 3 years).  The link is below (updated 10/4):


How and when is my child placed on a team?
County tryouts will take place at CBMS around the 2nd week of October. After County teams are selected, Intramural player evaluations will take place to ensure balanced teams in our Intramural divisions. All teams will be selected by the end of October. Please provide an updated email address at time of registration as email notifications will be sent out with tryout/evaluation dates. This info will also be posted on our web site.

What if my child can't make the specified County tryout or Intramural evaluation date?
Tryouts and evaluations are mandatory! If however your child misses his/her age specific date due to illness or sports conflict, they may attend the next available session. For County consideration, the player MUST attend the next available tryout. Please note that LSB makes every effort to ensure balanced teams in our Intramural division. Any player that fails to attend Intramural evaluations may jeopardize our ability to grant special requests for coaches and/or teammates.

What nights will my child practice?
All LSB teams, Intramural and County, are given two practice sessions per week at one of our permitted schools; CBMS, Bodkin Elem, Lake Shore Elem, Jacobsville Elem or Fort Smallwood Elem. Nights and times are typically dictated by a coach's request. If you have a specific night your child can not practice, please note that in the request section during registration. Although we try to honor requests when able, we can not guarantee all requests will be met. Please also note that it's important to follow the gym rules at your designated facility to ensure your team doesn't lose practice rights and/or the league's permit status isn't jeopardized.

When does the season start and end?
Practices start the beginning of November. Games typically start the 1st or 2nd weekend in December and will run through the end of February / beginning of March.

My child plans to tryout for the high school team. Should we still register?
Yes! Secure a spot for your child in LSB in the event he/she doesn't make the high school team. Should they make the team we'll issue a full refund along with a high five!

What's the difference between Intraumural and County play?
Intramural Play:
Lake Shore Basketball's Intramural program is our in-house basketball league and focuses on fundamentals & fun!  All games are played either Saturday or Sunday at Chesapeake Bay Middle School or Bodkin Elementary. Teams will compete against other Lake Shore teams. (Some age divisions may include games against other local organizations if we have a limited number of teams in a specific age bracket.)  

Lake Shore Basketball makes every attempt to divide Intramural teams evenly based on player evaluations.  LSB honors special requests from players ONLY if a request does not create unbalanced teams. Requests will not be considered if a player does not attend mandatory evaluations.  
County Play:
To be eligible for a County team players must attend a mandatory try-out and be selected to the team by the Board or Coach. County play is more competitive and often serves as a feeder program for more advanced AAU or high school level play. The County C Division however is comparable to Intramural play and is designed for those organizations who don't have enough teams to sustain an in-house league. As per AA County Rec & Park guidelines, a player's age bracket is determined by age as of September 1. County divisions run by year starting at 8 years up through 17 years of age.
County games are played on the weekend at a Rec & Parks designated gym against other teams from throughout Anne Arundel County. Any player that tries out for a County team who is not selected will be placed on an Intramural team and will automatically receive a $50 reimbursement from LSB. 
Please direct any additional questions to

Spring Basketball - online registration is currently open. 



CHAIRS Will now be PERMITTED IN THE CBMS A AND B GYMS DURING LSB USE! Please bring a towel or blanket to put under the legs of your chair to protect the new floor.


  The website now allows for pictures in the Album handout !!! 

*** Please send in all scores to .  All comments and questions can be emailed to .

Lake Shore Basketball
Lake Shore Basketball
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