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Sunday, March 2
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Friday, February 21
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Thursday, February 13
Umpiring Presentations

The following are links to three presentations for aspiring umpires:

UMPIRE 101: The Rules of Baseball

UMPIRE 102: Umpire Mechanics

UMPIRE 103: On the Field Training


Sunday, February 16
Lake Murray Little League Volunteer Umpire Training Group Impresses Training Staff

Today Lake Murray Little League held its Umpire Training Clinic. Twenty Umpire volunteers attended and participated in the training provided by Lake Murray Little League Senior Umpire Staff, Chuck Cadwalader, Dave Mezzacapa, Jon Sumac and Scott Biggers U.I.C. “The group we trained today was very impressive, they will make great Umpires.”
The volunteers participated in the district 33 training regiment. We started with the Basic 6 calls – Balls-Strike-Safe-out-foul and time. We then moved to the A position first base and practiced calling runners – out or safe. We then moved to second base and the B position. We practiced making the calls at second and the proper position we need to be in to make the call. “We put the group through the drills and liked what we saw, they are talented.” We then moved to the plate and our volunteers were trained and practiced calling balls and strikes.
We will have some good plate Umpires from this group. Pat Hawley and David Weisl will be attending the District 33 Umpire Clinic next weekend at Chollas Lake Little League. They will represent Lake Murray Little League at the District 33 Umpire Training Clinic this Year. Hats off to them. As Lake Murray Little League Umpire-in-Chief, I would like to thank the Volunteers that participated today and to all the Volunteers that make for a very successful season.

Scott Biggers

Friday, January 31

Managers and Coaches,

Attached you will find the Lake Murray Little League Umpire Training Flyer.

We will be conducting training this Saturday February 1st from 9:00 to 12:00. Bring athletic shoes, dress accordingly and bring some water.

We will be training on the bases and behind the plate for those of you who want to do the plate. We will get you ready to umpire games for the coming season.We will provide a practice game for training also- on the job training.This is a great opportunity to get out and get free Umpire training. We need to train new Umpires or we will not have umpires in the future. We need two teams and an Umpire to have a little league game.

We will make the training fun and hope you have fun also. This is a great opportunity to get out and learn about baseball and Umpiring. The best coaches know the rules – and this will help you learn them. Our next clinic is February 15th I would suggest you make both clinics.

We encourage you to bring parents from your team; they can help you as umpires. We have a new requirement in the league that your team will be assigned 4 games for the season in majors and minors. If you know of somone who likes to Umpire or is interested in Umpiring your 4 games bring them to the training.

We also have a JR Umpire program this year. All High School age Students are encouraged to attend and receive the free training. We will have a Pizza party with a raffle for gifts at the end of the season. More on that later.

So bring your parents and lets all have a fun ½ day of training.

Call me if you have questions or E-mail.


Scott Biggers Umpire-in-Chief


Wednesday, February 12
Jr. Umpire Program

We are recruiting Junior Umpires for the 2014 Season, High School age and above. We offer free training, Umpire hats, shirts and an end of the season Pizza Party. You will start as a Base Umpire and if you show ability, with proper training a Plate Umpire. Games are played in La Mesa at Sunset Park Field.
How it works:  With your parents’ permission, respond/e-mail back to the Lake Murray Little League Umpire and Chief, my information is at the bottom of the page and on the LMLL web site. You will then start your Free Training. You will be required to read a training manual on the rules. Next, we will train you on the field.  If you meet the minimum requirements you will then be free to sign up for games. When you are 18 you can start Umpiring for pay in higher leagues, so get your free training now.
And there’s more: For each game that you Umpire you will receive credit for a Raffle ticket to be used at the end of the season Pizza Party. We will have an end of the season Pizza party. At the Pizza Party we will hold a Raffle and Raffle off; I pods, X-Box and Play Station games and many more fun gifts.
Just respond/e-mail back to the Lake Murray Little League Umpire-in-Chief listed below and get started today!!
Scott Biggers
Lake Murray Little League

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