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Spring 2015 Registration is now open.

We are pleased to announce that spring 2015 registration is now open.  We are able to enroll any child who resides in Lake Mary Little League boundaries including those returning and new players who reside in Lake Mary, Longwood (Only those who reside east of the Wekiva River, north of E.E. Williamson Rd., Longwood Hills Rd & Ronald Reagan Blvd) and Sanford (Only those who reside west of I-4).

Eligibility is also extended to all students who are enrolled in the following schools:

  • Crystal Lake Elementary
  • Greenwood Lakes Middle School
  • Heathrow Elementary
  • Lake Mary Elementary
  • Lake Mary High School
  • Lake Mary Preparatory School
  • Markham Woods Middle School
  • Wilson Elementary
  • Woodlands Elementary

Please see our Registration Info Tab for more information

2015 Sponsor Program

Lake Mary Little League has benefited over the years with some great partners in the community who have helped sponsor our league and activities.  Please see the following link for the 2015 Sponsor Program and we hope you consider or let others know about the great things about Lake Mary Little League.

Lake Mary Little League partnership with Aspiring Atheletes

Lake Mary Little League, in a continuing effort to promote community baseball, has partnered with Aspiring Athletes, a developmental and training organization based in Central Florida. The Aspiring Athletes program was founded by DJ Santiago in 2003, and has worked with over 1500 athletes in the last decade of service. The Florida branch was establish in 2012 and has had over 300 players come through the programs in Florida which have ranged from travel teams, camps, showcases and parental seminars. Aspiring Athletes will be moving its headquarters to Lake Mary, FL in 2015 as a part of its commitment in becoming a staple in the community of Lake Mary.

Our league's objectives are to provide an excellent parent and player experience, a culture of positive, character-building competition and the opportunity to continue to develop players, volunteer coaches and umpires. With this in mind, this partnership will create an academy style training program specifically for members of Lake Mary Little League.

At the beginning of each season, Aspiring Athletes will be conducting a professional evaluation of each and every player to assess their abilities and place them in the appropriate division. At the end of each season, the players will be evaluated again and feedback given to determine the improvement made during the season. This will enable the league to better create equally competitive teams across all divisions.

During the first three weeks of practice, Aspiring Athletes will be offering age based training sessions for all players as well as coach training available to all managers and coaches. Managers and coaches will have the opportunity to observe and participate in these training sessions to gain insight and experience in conducting practices and running drills. Lake Mary Little League coaches will be encouraged to join the staff for this training in an effort to “Coach the Coaches” throughout the process.

During the season, Aspiring Athletes will be offering the Lake Mary Baseball Academy. The Academy will be open to all Lake Mary Little League participants at an additional cost and will provide more instruction and development with the Aspiring Athletes staff. Lake Mary Baseball Academy dates will be available so that all players will not miss league game play or practice time. This will be available to all age groups.

At the conclusion of the season, Aspiring Athletes will create the Lake Mary Baseball Academy Travel Teams. The Academy Team will be open to all Lake Mary Little League participants age 10 and older at an additional cost. This program will provide additional opportunities for Lake Mary Little League players age 10 and older, and create a greater incentive to stay in the Little League program. In the fall, when the program will run concurrently with the Little League season, schedules and/or practices for each of the respective teams will notinterfere with the existing LMLL schedule. Only those registered to play for Lake Mary Little League will be eligible to participate on these teams.

Lake Mary Little League hopes that this partnership will increase player retention and create a more competitive atmosphere, especially in the upper divisions. This partnership will also help the league to develop and provide better coaching for all players. The Board of Directors is confident that this program will be successful and help the league to grow for many years to come.

Lake Mary Little League Team Store

We are please to offer an easy way for you to show your Lake Mary Little League pride, while also helping financially support the league activities. We have established a team store where you can purchase Lake Mary Little League branded items that show your LMLL Pride.  With purchases made from the site, Lake Mary Little League does receive a percentage of every purchase that will help us continue to fund the great experiences we have as a league.

We hope you consider browsing around and it's a great way to get a start on your holiday shopping.

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