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2017 Lakeland Little League Season.



To the players, families and supporters of Lakeland Little League,

Welcome to the 2017 Lakeland Little League Season. I am very happy to be part of this league and I want to be the first to welcome back the returning baseball families as well as all the new ones. Please read this letter in its entirety as there is important information and dates included.  Be sure to bookmark our website, and check it regularly as it will have more upcoming dates and important information that may not be sent in mass emails.

First and foremost, I would like to thank all of the past and present board members, volunteers, local sponsors and donors, and the local municipalities for the use of the fields. Everyone’s support and hard work is appreciated and we would not have a league without each and every one of you.

Second, we have had two board members step down after last season and another has indicated that the 2017 season will be her last.  All three of these individuals have served on the board for several years but need to step away from the League due to other commitments.  As for myself I will remain President for 2017 but will be stepping down from that position at the end of the season.  While I will remain on the board, the League needs to find numerous new members to fill the vacant positions for both this year and next.  Please see the Board Position Tab on the website for the needed positions and their responsibilities.  As of right now we don’t have enough board members to be chartered for 2017 through Little League International.

Third, registration fees have been lowered from the 2016 season for most divisions of play, but a mandatory fundraiser will now be required.  The league tries to use the 70 West Complex as much as possible but while it is a town park, our Little League program is required to maintain parts of it. The town covers the costs and labor to cut the grass and maintain the driveways, parking areas and large pavilion. The concession stand, however, was built by Little League for our use only and we are responsible for its maintenance and insurance premiums. The League is also required to maintain the dirt infields, pitchers mounds and anything else related to baseball at the complex.  The maintenance of the infields is very costly and time consuming which is why we need help from everyone involved with Lakeland Little League through the mandatory fundraisers and volunteer hours per family. If the fundraisers are not successful and families do not put in their volunteer hours, the registration fees will need to be much higher.

Fourth, during the offseason I have been working on some written policies and procedures regarding things such as our refund policy, rainout policy, coach’s conduct, etc. These documents will be available on our website and given to the coaches.  **Currently in the works are our present and future plans/goals which will be posted on the website upon completion.**



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