Lake Havasu Soccer League: U12 Game Schedule

  U12 Game Schedule 2017
    Coach Phone Team Name  
    Lee Nigg 928-230-4876 USA  
    Lindsi Wake 928-486-6560 Brazil  
    Kody Graham 928-486-2989 Holland  
    Rhett Burgener 928-230-2288 England  
    Jason McGregor 928-486-3497 France  
    Justin Carter 928-303-2590 Germany  
    Juan Hall (928) 208-6092 Italy  
    Robert Starkey 928-302-9354   Spain  
    Katherine Blanchard 928-486-3087   Mexico  
    Scott Baker   928-412-1027   Argentina  
  Date Day Time Team vs Team Score
  20-Oct Friday 6pm USA vs Brazil  3-0
  21-Oct Sat 2pm Germany vs Argentina  2-2
  21-Oct Sat 3:30 England vs Spain  5-1
  21-Oct Sat 5pm France vs Italy  8-2
  21-Oct Sat 6:30 Holland vs Mexico  0-3
  27-Oct Friday 6pm Holland vs USA  1-2
  28-Oct Sat 8am Mexico vs England  3-0
  28-Oct Sat 9:30am Brazil vs Argentina  1-2
  28-Oct Sat 11am Italy vs


  28-Oct Sat 12:30pm Spain vs France  4-8

  3-Nov Friday 6pm France vs Mexico  5-3
  4-Nov Sat 2pm Brazil vs Holland  2-4
  4-Nov Sat 3:30pm Spain vs Germany  3-6
  4-Nov Sat 5pm Argentina vs Italy  8-0
  4-Nov Sat 6:30pm USA vs England  2-2
  10-Nov Friday 6pm Argentina vs Holland  1-3
  10-Nov Friday 7:30pm Germany vs Mexico  2-2
  11-Nov Sat 9:30 England vs Brazil  5-0
  11-Nov Sat 11am France vs USA  7-2
  11-Nov Sat 12:30 Italy vs Spain  1-2
  17-Nov Friday 6pm Mexico vs Italy  4-2
  18-Nov Sat 8am Argentina vs Spain  3-0
  18-Nov Sat 9:30 USA vs Germany  2-1
  18-Nov Sat 11am Brazil vs France  2-3
  18-Nov Sat 12:30 Holland vs England  3-6
  8-Dec Friday 6pm Germany vs Brazil  1-2
  9-Dec Sat 2pm France vs Holland  2-2
  9-Dec Sat 3:30pm Italy vs USA  1-5
  9-Dec Sat 5pm England vs Argentina  4-2
  9-Dec Sat 6:30pm Mexico vs Spain  6-0
  Playoff Schedule          
  15-Dec Fri 5pm  France vs  USA  
  15-Dec Fri 6:30pm  Mexico vs  England  
  16-Dec Sat 11am 3rd / 4th Place Final Game  
  16-Dec Sat 12:30pm Championship Game  
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  Strikethrough indicates cancelled game due to Weather