Lake Havasu Soccer League: U10 Game Schedule

  U10 Game Schedule 2017  
    Coach Phone   Team Name  
    Brandon Livermore 928-208-3915 Chicago Fire  
    Dustin Lockman 928-566-4718 Portland Timbers  
    April Selby 928-566-5150 NY Red Bulls  
    Anthony Park 702-379-1439 Salt Lake  
    Mark Zettel 928-486-7426 Toronto FC  
    Kristy Whelan 928-412-4911 Seattle Sounders  
  Date Day Time Team v.s. Team Score
  21-Oct Sat 11:30am Chicago v Portland  4-5
  21-Oct Sat 2:30pm New York v Toronto  0-12
  21-Oct Sat 4pm Salt Lake v Seattle  1-3
  28-Oct Sat 8:30 Portland v Seattle  6-2
  28-Oct Sat 10am New York v Chicago  2-5
  28-Oct Sat 11:30 Toronto v Salt Lake  7-2
  4-Nov Sat 2:30 Salt Lake v Chicago  2-3
  4-Nov Sat 4pm Seattle v Toronto  0-6
  4-Nov Sat 5:30 Portland v New York  6-3
  11-Nov Sat 8:30 Seattle v New York  8-0
  11-Nov Sat 10am Salt Lake v Portland  3-5
  11-Nov Sat 11:30 Toronto v Chicago  4-3
  18-Nov Sat 2:30 New York v Salt Lake  6-1
  18-Nov Sat 4pm Chicago v Seattle  1-4
  18-Nov Sat 5:30pm Toronto v Portland  4-4
  9-Dec Sat 11:30 Chicago v Portland  8-1
  9-Dec Sat 4pm New York v Toronto  0-6
  9-Dec Sat 5:30 Salt Lake v Seattle  4-4
  16-Dec Sat 8:30am Portland v Seattle  
  16-Dec Sat 4pm New York v Chicago  
  16-Dec Sat 5:30pm Toronto v Salt Lake  
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