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For practice, the most important thing is to provide your player with PLENTY OF WATER. Send a camping type jug as opposed to bottles. Hydration before, during and after practice is vital for the player's health. Approximately every 20 minutes our teams have water breaks. You can never send too much water. Players should also wear shorts, T-shirt, protective cup and football shoes, along with the helmet and mouth guard received at equipment handout.

Players must have 10 hours of non contact conditioning work prior to any contact with another player. Your coach will keep you informed of that scheduling.

All players will practice together for most of the first week of practice. After that time, the players will be divided into equal talent teams. You will be notified of your player's team assignment.

We cannot honor requests for team assignments based on car pooling. Everyone practices at the same time and location so this shouldn't be a problem. Our goal in assigning teams is to divide talent equally

We encourage full participation in practice. However, this is youth football. Family matters, school concerns and other issues will arise. Simply communicate with your coach. If you have vacation plans, enjoy the vacation! As in all things, communication is vital and will head off any problems in this area.  


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Please Take Time To Review The Following AAYFL Rule For Residency
RequirementsBefore You Register:
**  This Rule Applies To TACKLE, Not Flag  **

The Lake Country Chiefs are one of many teams that participate in the All-American Youth FootballLeague (AAYFL).  The AAYFL has rules regarding residency as it relates to where players can play. 

Players may only play for the community that they currently reside in (not where the player attendsschool).  This means that the only players that are eligible to play for the Lake Country Chiefs are playersthat reside in the Arrowhead High School District.  The only exception to this rule is if a player attendsa school in the Arrowhead School District but the community that they reside in does not have an AAYFLteam (ie. Kettle Moraine).

If you have any questions regarding this rule, please contact Chris Driscoll at .

Tackle & Flag Program Overviews
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For Questions On FLAG (1st - 4th Grades):  CLICK HERE

Sunday, September 29
Lake Country Chiefs Youth Football

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