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  Code of Conduct   

Coach's Basketball Code of Conduct
1. Be positive at all times when dealing with the players.
2. Act as we would want the players to act towards referees and opposing teams.
3. Never belittle a player for making a mistake. Explain what was done incorrectly and what needs to be done to correct it through positive reinforcement.
4. Answer all questions from the players to the best of our abilities.
5. Treat all players with respect and dignity.
6. Communicate as much as possible with the parents if there is a problem with a player or a player has a problem with a coach.

Player’s Basketball Code of Conduct
1. Be on time for all games and practices. Playing for a tournament team means commitment. Absence from practice will impact on playing time.
2. When the times arise that you must be absent from a practice or game, please let your coaches know before hand.
3. Be courteous and respectful to your teammates and opponents.
4. Be supportive of your teammates at all times. Never yell at or blame your teammates if they make mistakes, we all will error at some time during the season (even the coaches).
5. Give 110% of your attention and your energies at all practices and games.
6. Never be aggressive in words or actions to a referee or coach.
7. Be enthusiastic at all times.
8. Listen to your coaches and have a good attitude towards learning.
9. Please refrain from explaining to us that another coach did not instruct you to do something the way we are instructing you. If we feel the need to change the way you are doing something, it is only because you have given us cause to do so. Learn and do what we teach. When you have another coach they may change you again. You're a player and must learn to make adjustments throughout your career.
10. Be proud of your association with the Team and show it and act it at all times. Your talent has brought you to this level of play; show that you have pride in this accomplishment.
11. Have Fun! You can have fun and still learn and be aggressive ball players. If you are not having fun, let us know, you should enjoy playing basketball, the competition, the learning, and the team experience you will have.

Parents Basketball Code of Conduct
1. Stay positive - both in your communication with your own child as well as the comments you make in the stands regarding other team members. Negative comments from the parents about players will not be tolerated.
We are a team and we will act that way at all times. The number one challenge that plagues female athletes is a lack of confidence, and we want to emphasize positive reinforcement at all times.
2. Please refrain from yelling directions to your child while they are on the court during practice and games. This is the coach's job when they enter the gym. If you feel the need to talk to your child while they are on the court, they will be removed from the game in order for you to do so.
3. Never verbally assault a referee or coach. This could cause our team to forfeit the game. Act in the stands, as you would want your child to.
4. Understand and respect the rules we give your child. They are the code this team works by and we ask that you reinforce these rules at home.
5. Realize that we are the coaches. We may not always do things the way you would, but we have reasons for doing things the way we do. We may set lineups and position players that you may not agree with, but we ask that you respect our decisions.
6. We wish to make ourselves available to you as parents when you feel the need to discuss something. If you request a "conference", please understand that it is not in anyone's best interest to do so in the heat of the moment. We ask that we schedule a time to meet and discuss any topic you would like, except another player's ability.

.Lady Wolverines
.Lady Wolverines
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