K.A.Y.A. Lady Stingers

The K.A.Y.A. Lady Stingers (2012 AAU Div. II TN. State Champions and 2012 USBA National Champions), decided it was time to move in a new direction. The program decided after twenty one years of constant competition in a small area, it was time to introduce our competitive basketball program to serious minded young ladies everywhere. The program recently returned to it's original philosophy of working harder than others to achieve success. The coaches decided it was time to work with young ladies that want to learn techniques which will help get them to the next level. Many programs promise to teach the fundamentals of the game. This program goes above and beyond, we teach the principles that go along with the fundamentals of the game. The program has more than 40 + years of coaching experience as well as a diverse method of attaining the goals we set forth. Through this web site we hope to reach out to athletes that may be looking for a program of this caliber. A lot of the athletes find out about our program after we have played a ball game against them and too many times we get the message, "We wish we knew about you". We hope to utilize this web site as a means to reach some of the young ladies that want to know how to contact us. Throughout the years we have won many awards and competed nationally. This program not only competes in the AAU program but the YBOA and USBA program as well. We work very hard to provide as much exposure as we can for our athletes hoping to reach the next level. The program has helped numerous young ladies reach the college ranks from Div. III to Div. 1. The season is getting ready to start and we would like to take this opportunity to wish everyone the best of luck on their chosen teams. We look forward to seeing you in friendly competition this year. The following information details what is expected of a Lady Stinger:


1) What is a Lady Stinger player? It's a young lady that is tough, competitive, has heart, relentless hustle and a desire to be a true champion.

2) How does my daughter get on a Lady Stinger team? Register and come to the tryouts. The Lady Stingers has open tryouts in late February and each player has a chance to make one of the teams. No player is guaranteed a spot on a team. She is encouraged to make all the tryouts so that the coaches can evaluate her fairly.

3) What is involved in the commitment to a Lady Stinger team? It is expected that all players will make all the games and practices. There are always conflicts but absences disrupt the team and are unfair to the coaches and teamm. Communication with the coaches is crucial about these misses. A player has to be able to make the practices.

4) What's the cost? The club fee is $150.00, which covers a host of expenses. What the fee doesn't cover is uniform cost and tournaments in excess of the first four. If a team goes to Nationals there could be significant financial responsibilty.

5) Is there fund raising for that kind of thing? Each team does its own fundraising and that along with other functions are coordinated by the Coaches and parents.

Our Philosophy:

T - Tenacity

E - Energy

A - Attitude

M - Mental

"Go Hard or Go Home"

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