Lady Shooters: Welcome

The Lady Shooters youth basketball program is a non-profit basketball club based in Cherokee County, GA. Our organization seeks to develop fundamental skills through a system of youth basketball teams dedicated to the teaching of sound basketball concepts. Our teams are staffed by volunteer community members who are dedicated to providing an environment where our young ladies can develop as well-rounded citizens, students and athletes. 


 2018 Spring Travel Basketball 

Chargers & Lady Shooters

Hosted by Carlos Adams Basketball


Mon, Feb 26...7:30p-9:00p Boys 5th to Varsity


Tue, Feb 27... 6:00p-7:30p Girls 5th to 8th
                      7:30p-9:00p Girls Varsity 9th to 12th


Wed, Feb 28...7:30p-9:00p Boys 5th to Varsity


Thur, Mar 1... 6:00p-7:30p Girls 5th to 8th

                      7:30p-9:00p Girls Varsity 9th to 12th 


Update on Coach Carlos

Coach Carlos has been released from the hospital and is at home recuperating now!

Becky Ruban has set up a Meal Train for Coach Carlos, but keep in mind that he is on a very restricted diet - see the Meal Train details at for more information.

Coach Carlos wishes to thank everyone for their thoughts and prayers over the past couple of weeks. 

Thank you for your concerns for our Coach Carlos! Look for updates soon regarding opportunities to make donations to help with his medical expenses...

Lady Shooters Board of Directors


For information on personal training or group workouts with Carlos Adams, please visit

You can schedule workout sessions with Coach Carlos online at  

Director and Head Coach Carlos Adams