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Lady Raiders
Jim Narde
Fax: 607-737-5051
156 Lilac Drive
Horseheads, New York
  Drills & Tips  

PROBLEM: The batter "locks" or straightens out the front arm when it is taken back to the "power" or "trigger" position. This flaw causes the batter to be late starting the swing, the bat speed to slow, increases the bats distance to the ball and often causes premature wrist roll.

SOLUTION: Keep bend in the front elbow. Keep the hands together and working together. Keep hands close to the body and do not take them back so far that the front arm flex is lost.

THINGS EVERY BATTER MUST REMEMBER: Think YES, YES, YES, on every pitch. Prepare yourself to hit every pitch. Convert to no or "hold off" only when you see that the pitch is a ball. track the ball from the pitchers hand to the catchers mitt. Expect the fastball, adjust to offspeed pitches, expect the ball away, adjust to the ball on the inner half. Be ready to attack a first pitch fastball, it may be the best pitch you get. Do these things and you will become a better hitter...PRACTICE.

Arms & Wrists Exercises
Practice Swings: Check grip: Hold bat
more in your fingers, Line up door knocking knuckles, Compact swing (NO SWEEPING), the hands must stay on a inside path directly
to the ball, the lead elbow must stay down.
Practice this 50 to 100 Swings each day.

There are three things critical in hitting and they actually effect most tasks you do in life. Those are confidence, discipline and repetition.

Athletic position, weight slightly forward,
soft hands (elbows outside of hands),glove open and facing batter, try to field ball in center of body. During practice and or game relax until pitcher starts her motion. Ask yourself two questions before you get ready...what will I do if the ball is hit to me? and what will I do if it is not hit to me?

Bring ball with both hands below chin, glove shoulder pointing toward target, break hands apart in downward motion, turn shoulders to start forward throwing motion while keeping elbow above or even with shoulders until release.

Lady Raiders
Lady Raiders
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"Adversity cause some men to break; others to break records." - William A. Ward
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