Lady Lake Little League: Forms

Pitching Logs

Pitching logs with the pitching thresholds

pitching_Log with thresholds.pdfpitching_Log with thresholds.pdf


2015 Fall Ball game schedules

2015 Fall.Junior Schedule.pdf2015 Fall.Junior Schedule.pdf

2015 Fall.Major Schedule.pdf2015 Fall.Major Schedule.pdf

2015 Fall.Minor Schedule.pdf2015 Fall.Minor Schedule.pdf

2015 Fall.Rookie Schedule.pdf2015 Fall.Rookie Schedule.pdf

2015 Fall.Softball Schedule.pdf2015 Fall.Softball Schedule.pdf

2015 Fall.T-Ball Schedule.pdf2015 Fall.T-Ball Schedule.pdf

2015 Fall Intermediate Schedule.pdf2015 Fall Intermediate Schedule.pdf

Volunteer Application

This form is for those who will be volunteering on the field and in the dugout with the players. This includes umpires, managers, coaches, and team moms. Each Spring Season a new form will need to filled out and returned to player agents or the president.

2015 Volunteer Application2015 Volunteer Application

2015 Returning Volunteer Application2015 Returning Volunteer Application

Safety Plan

Safety Plan CertificateSafety Plan Certificate

Player Age Charts

2015 baseball age chart2015 baseball age chart

2015 softball age chart2015 softball age chart

Medical Release Form 2014


Sponsor Application


Concession Stand

Volunteer Scheduling List

concession volunteer listconcession volunteer list

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