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Olathe South Parent Guidelines:
1.        Please model positive sportsmanship in the stands. We want our reputation to be one of high standards and class. Remember referees are human to. As a former referee myself, I can verify that they occasionally make mistakes, but they also remember. I have known referees to hold grudges against specific teams. Lets not upset a referee over a little call that might come back to hurt us in a BIGGER game later in the season.
2.        I realize that my coaching decisions may not always be agreed with. I also know that each of you only want what’s best for your son or daughter. I want to be a coach that is approachable, however sometimes the time immediately following a game is not an appropriate time to discuss issues that may have occurred in that game. Therefore I will impose a 24 hour period after all games that I will be unavailable to discuss such situations. This time is intended to serve as a buffer for you to communicate with your player and get all the information before approaching me. The cooperation on your part will be greatly appreciated.
3.        We expect parents to take an active role in your players playing career at Olathe South. Any support or volunteer activities will be greatly appreciated by your son or daughter, myself and the coaching staff.