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Olathe South Soccer Team Guidelines:
1.        Varsity/JV will practice at the OSHS field after school. Fresh./Soph. team will practice at OSHS soccer field at 5-6:30.

2.        Players may play in 16 matches during the regular season by state rule. A match consists of one and a half halves per day.

3.        All players must purchase our game socks and team t-shirt for the season. This spirit pack will cost $45.00.

4.        Each player is required to attend all team functions (pre-season meeting, dinners, fund-raisers, etc.). If a player misses with out coaches approval, a half game suspension is enforced.

5.        Players who become academically ineligible will not be allowed to play in any games while they are ineligible. Freshman follow the rules for their respective Junior Highs. Players must be passing 5 classes including all core classes to be eligible. A player has one week to bring grade up from the time a coach knows about the problem. This one week grace period is only available once during the season.

6.        To earn a varsity letter, a player must play in 16 varsity halves, or play in a post season match during a state championship year. A back up varsity goalkeeper who is also a senior will also earn a letter.

7.        Always have indoor shoes or running shoes available. NEVER WEAR MUDDY SHOES OR CLEATS INTO THE SCHOOL. TAKE THEM OFF BEFORE ENTERING.

8.        No team equipment other than socks or sweats during practice, shall be worn for any reason other than an actual match unless given permission by the coach. Offenses is 2 additional 20/40’s.

9.        All equipment must be cleaned and turned into your respective coach before/at the awards banquet. Equipment turned in after that date will result in grades and records being held up, and athletic ineligibility the following year until all equipment is turned in. lost or damaged equipment must be replaced at cost.

10.        Only captains and coaches should talk with the referees. Players who “complain” to the referee will be taken out of the match. Remember that we often see the same officials over and over again.

11.        Players who “openly” question coaching decisions will be suspended from play for a length of time to be determined by the coach.

12.        All players are expected to behave with the highest class and character at all times during the season. In appropriate behavior at any time during the season will be dealt with in a way deemed appropriate by the coach. (this means dinners, week ends, etc.)

13.        Each player is allowed one unexcused late for practice, (within 20 minutes) after that each tardy results in extra 20/40’s.

14.        All players must be on the team bus by scheduled departure time. Players not on the bus will be left behind to find their own way to the game. A 20 minute bench time is imposed once the player reaches the field. Varsity players must be at the designated meeting place 60 minutes before scheduled varsity start time. Player late will miss 20 minutes of “their playing time” that game.

15.        All players are required to ride the bus provided to and from games unless prior approval is given by the coach.

16.        Any player who can not ride the bus home needs to get coaches approval prior to the game and must present the coach with a note from their parent or guardian prior to the game. That player then may go home with THEIR PARENT ONLY, unless prior approval has been given by the administration, and the coach has been notified by the parent and administration.

17.        Detentions: first one is free, second one is 20 minutes bench time, each additional on doubles the previous penalty. Players need to serve penalties or get extra teacher help before school and not during practice.

18.        State rules apply at practice. Players must wear shin guards, no cursing, no tobacco, no jewelry, or caps except goalies shading their eyes or players seeking warmth. Penalty is two 20/40’s for each offense.

19.        All practice gear needs to reflect a drug and alcohol free environment and represent our school and community in a positive manor. Violations result in two 20/40’s.

20.        All players are responsible for notifying their respective coaches directly if they are going to miss practice. Never should a player tell the coach after the fact or via another player. Unexcused absences result in a half games suspension.

21.        All players who miss practice the day before a match without previous coaches approval, school exemption(previously told to the coach), or pre-OKed permission from a coach for a special circumstance may not play in the match. You must be in school 4 hours the day of the match to be eligible to play.

22.        All players are expected to be on time and in their first hour class the day following a game. Any player who misses first hour without prior approval from the coach, will be subject for possible half game suspension for the next contest.

23.        Inappropriate language will result in a card during a game, therefore it will not be tolerated at any other time either. Each incident will result in two 20/40’s.

24.        Any team equipment lost by the players and found by the coaches will cost the player two 20/40’s to get back.

25.        No player shall exit a bus from the rear of the bus. Always get off at the front of the bus.

26.        All players who receive inappropriate yellow or red cards (coaches discretion) will run the square of death the next practice. Red cards require ejection from that game and suspension from the nest game as well by state rule. Serious red cards may receive additional suspension time at the discretion of the coach.

27.        District and school substance abuse policies must be signed and returned before players may participate in matches. Any violation of this policy will be strictly enforced. Remember you are now part of a TEAM, and have a responsibility to your team-mates. Don’t be selfish and make the wrong decision off the field that could jeopardize our TEAMS goals on the field. Be proactive to avoid this problem. Make plans to go out on weekends with team-mates for example. Look out for one another. In addition all other required paperwork and fees must be paid and turned in before play is allowed.

28.        All players are expected to demonstrate positive sportsmanship at all times. We will win and lose with class.

29.        All coaches reserve the right to discipline any other conflicts that may arise not covered in these rules as they see fit.

30.        Most suspensions (coaches discretion) may be made up before game penalty is enforced with an alternative penalty to be carried out within a time frame to be determined by the coach. In most cases this will be by having to run the square of death for an equal amount of playing time that the suspension is for. All situations are unique, and the coaching staff always reserves the right to make any adjustments to the penalties as we see necessary.