Lady Cobras 97's: Welcome

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Wednesday, June 16
Claudia's Birthday Is Up Next On August 27th!



Cobra Pic 6-10
Wednesday, June 16

Sunday, May 16
Cobras FC GU13 Butera wins Irondequoit Soccer Club 2010 Tournament

The Cobras FC GU13 Butera team went UNDEFEATED to win the Irondequoit Soccer Club 2010 Tournament!  Playing in the U14 age bracket, the team accomplished an amazing 17 goals for and 0 goals against record!  Playing teams from Gates, Pittsford and Irondequoit, the girls won the Championship game with a score of 3-1.  The games were a great display of both Offensive and Defensive strength.  GREAT JOB GIRLS!!! 


Saturday, May 15

Congratulations To Our 2010 Captains

These four girls received the most votes and very close, too close not to have all four lead our team.

Jayme Pupatelli

Jayme Walzer

Brooke Testa

Mel Cardillo


Monday, August 3
2009-2010 Roster  
1.  Claudia A.
2.  Tess B.
3.  BC C.
4.  Melanie C.
5.  Anna Rose D.
6.  Leiya D. 
7.  Sabrina D.
8.  Alex D. 
9.  Alix G.
10.  Alison M.
11. Jayme P.
12. Chelsea S.
13. Tina S.
14. Brooke T.
15. Savannah T.
16. Jamie W.
17. Meghan Y. 

Saturday, August 2
Our Vision for the Future For The Lady Cobra’s 97’s:

Some define the word "Goodness" in these simple terms, as "that which is ultimately most beneficial for all parties in consideration."

Our vision for the future is essentially a "Legacy of Goodness" for the girls, to benefit from both development and achievement, leading to further opportunities in life for greater success and fulfillment.  My vision would also include what is beneficial for parents and coaching staff, as well as the Greece Cobra Soccer Club and the sport of soccer.  As the Greece Cobra Soccer Club invests in these girls, we also hope to invest in the team's growth and reaching influence in the local soccer community and especially in the lives of future players.

  Though for many, the sport of soccer is not necessarily the ultimate goal or fulfillment in life, the sport itself, the pursuit of development as players in the sport, and the participation in this Soccer Club represent a useful vehicle for potentially amazing growth as persons who will later make significant contributions in family and society.

I hope to accomplish this "legacy of goodness" through the development of character, individual technical skills, group tactical skills, and competitive achievements, all designed to build the confidence they will need to succeed on the field and in life.

This is just the beginning!

Coach: Sal Butera

Tuesday, May 18
Lady Cobras 97's Planning Committee
Team Managers: Paul & Wendy Walzer
Lory Pupatelli: Webmaster, PR
Tracy Sylvio: Fund raising, need volunteers to help Tracy.
Motivation and team bonding: Karen Cardillo & Marcy Soprano
Videographer: Tricia & Todd Breitung & Dave Yates
Photographer: Larry Menges & Dave Yates
Statistician: Scott Tyo 

Sunday, June 1
In Case Of Weather Cancellation Check Here Half Hour Before Practice

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Saturday, May 15

Claudia             August 27

Alex                September 19

Tina                 October 11

Alison              November 4

Chelsea            November 7

Brooke             November 11

Savannah         November 18

Tess                 December 6

Alix                 December 31

Jayme P.           January 13

Anna Rose        January 26

Melanie            February 1

Leiya                February 9

Sabrina            April 18

Jamie W.          May 13

Baylee              May 29

Meghan            May 30






Attitude Heading
Friday, November 3