Lady Chiefs: My Site News: Chiefs vs Triton

Wednesday, September 21
Chiefs vs Triton

The Lady Chiefs went on the road today to Triton High School.  The Chiefs battled the rain and the slippery grass for a very aggressive game.  Cards were thrown  and the girls got some very questionable calls from the refs but the Cheifs still rose above it all. Triton scored on a lucky goal in the first half. The Chiefs woke up in the second half and a beautiful goal resulted from a pass to Ashley Koester ( 3rd goal of the season for our #1 Freshman)  from Emily Martinelli. At the end of regulation the Chiefs were tied 1-1. The Chiefs Defender #20 Junior Kristin Sullivan headed a ball in the net for the game winning goal minutes from the end of the double overtime play. Congrats to the girls for a game well played!