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Thursday, January 24
Lodi Softball Home Page

Welcome to the Lodi High School softball home page.  Please find schedules,

practice times and many useful tidbits of information in the following pages.  




Monday, April 21
updates for the week

Here are the updates for the week of the 21st:

 Monday-varsity at New Glarus- still finding out where game will be played

Tuesday-JV/varsity at Columbus-bus at 3:10-games are at Meister Park-see website for directions under locations 

Wednesday-practice-if rain-at ES at 3:45-5:15

Thursday-varsity home game vs. Wis. Heights-JV practice; if rain practice at ES at 3:45-5:15

Friday-varsity at Lake Mills-bus at 3:00; JV home vs. Dells in a doubleheader-out of school at 3:00--game starts at 4:15

Saturday-varsity tournament at Portage-bus at 8:45-games at 10 and noon-see schedule below:

10 AM  Penda Field-Lodi vs. New Lisbon

Noon    Penda Field-Lodi vs. Merrill

Sunday-those who signed up to attend the UW softball Badger student day-bus leaves at 10:30; should return around 2:00 or 2:30.

 As you can see, we have a busy week.  Now, here's hoping the weather cooperates.   

Tuesday, April 8
updates for the week


Here are some updates for this week:

Varsity game is added for this Friday versus Chequamegon High School out of Park Falls at 4:45pm at the high school field in Lodi.  Schools up north are looking for games to play down here as they still have snow on the ground.

Pictures will still be held on Friday, April 11th at the high school right after school.  Varsity-be at the field asap as we need to get the pictures done right away so we can get ready for the game.  JV will take there pictures after the varsity are finished.  We may need some transportation to the HWY 60 field, so if you are available, please contact Coach Midthun.

Varsity will be headed to Wautoma for a doubleheader this Thursday-bus leaves at 1:40; out at 1:30.  Doubleheader begins at 4pm.  We will play Wautoma and Nekoosa.  Parents-remember to let me know if you will be taking your daughter home with you.

Summer softball forms and a $25 deposit (or $100 is the full price) are due this week.  I have to get the roster in soon, so please encourage the girls to get that into me.  We will have a U18 team; we play once or twice a week-usually doubleheaders.  I will try to avoid summer conflicts with other sports as much as I can.  Summer softball is a great way to extend our season so please consider playing-if you show up to the game, you will play!

We have an opportunity to attend the annual UW sotfball game Sunday, April 27th.  Please let your coach know if you are interested in attending.  It is free admission and a great day of watching some really good softball.  Parents-if you want to attend, the cost is $5.  

JV-first game is for Monday, April 14th home versus Waterloo. 

Friday, April 4
Today's games are cancelled

Today's games vs. Poynette have been cancelled due to weather.  We are working on trying to reschedule for this Monday, April 7th.  I will keep you posted as to what we work out.


Also, picture day has been moved to Friday, April 11th at the high school field at 3:30.  

Monday, March 24
Saturday's scrimmage in Portage is now cancelled

Fields are too wet!


Practice today until 5pm


Friday practice at ES


Monday practice from 11-1 at the HS field unless rain-then ES; pitchers and catchers at 10am-11am.


Tuesday-Varsity game; JV practice at HS from 11-1


Wednesday-JV/Varsity practice at HS field from 11-1


Thursday-JV/Varsity practice at HS field from 11-1; pitchers and catchers at 10 am. 


Friday-JV/Varsity game at home vs. Poynette 

Thursday, February 13
morning practices added to the calendar

Pitcher and catcher practices have been added to the calendar.  Please take notice of these times and dates.  All pitchers and catchers are expected to attend.

Friday, January 3
Player organizational meeting

Hi everyone,


Just wanted to let you know that our first player meeting will be on Wednesday, January 29th during intervention time in room 1108.  Hope to see you all there.   

Sunday, June 9
Summer softball weekly update

I will try to write a weekly plan for softball each week.

Today-softball practice from 2-3pm (we are only allowed about an hour for practice under Optimist scheduling).

Monday-softball game at Evansville at 6:30pm.  Try to arrive by 5:45pm (looks like about an hour from Lodi but also during rush hour, so you may want to look at alternate routes, i.e. no beltline).   I probably won't have t-shirts yet, so just wear a Lodi blue colored shirt with black athletic shorts or black softball pants.  I will have visors and socks for each player.

Thursday-practice at 4pm at the HS field.  Game is at 6pm.  By the way, if you are going to the boys state games and won't be at Thursday's game, please let me know as soon as possible so that I can try to reschedule.  

Friday-pitching clinic at the high school with Jamie Pickett-former UW pitcher (6:45-intermediate; 7:30-advanced). Please plan on attending the intermediate and advanced sessions if you can-$5 charge.

No games until June 25th as I will be out of town.  Mandy may have some practices the week of the 17th.  I will post on here as well as let the girls know by school email.

Remember, there is still a fee of $25 for uniform costs so please get that to me as soon as you can.  Checks to Optimists Youth softball. 

 Websites:  scsoftball.org-schedules, maps to fields

                   wisports.co/lodi/baseball.php-Optimist information as well as practice times

Tuesday, May 21
Response to the article in Friday's State Journal

Beaten, but not trounced or crushed!

 I am sure I am biased as the head coach of the Lodi softball team; however, I have to respond to the wording in the sports article from Friday, May 17th entitled Frey tosses one-hitter, Marshall crushes Lodi. First off, let me say that Marshall is a very, very good team. Their coaches and fans are extremely supportive of their program. In fact, I am using their program as an example of what ours could become.

Marshall did not run the score up on us; they just play the game at an extremely high level. Our girls competed as best they could at the level that they are currently at. We even made some nice plays- threw runners out trying to steal, and even stole a home run ball on a fantastic catch.

In the fifth inning, with the score 20-0 and our last turn to bat coming up, our girls weren’t crushed or trounced-in fact they were singing along to Sweet Caroline trying to enjoy every minute of a season that was quickly coming to an end. You see, not every team is going to compete for a state championship; however, that shouldn’t diminish the fact that our team also had goals that we were trying to achieve-to improve our skills, to come together as a team, and to play as hard as we could every game. I hope that Marshall can continue on their quest for a state championship-they were really fun to watch.

I know that our girls respected the way they play the game, but in no way were our girls trounced or crushed. I know this because I was there; Marshall knows as well because I saw some of the players looking over at our dugout and smiling at our resolve. Please be considerate of the adjectives that you use when writing stories about high school athletes. Save the trouncing and crushing for the professionals.

Sincerely, Coach Betsinger Lodi High School Head Coach

Friday, May 17

I am planning our banquet at 6pm on Tuesday, May 28th.  It will be in the high school commons.  Juniors  and sophomores please bring entrees, and freshman  and senior- salads, drinks, desserts.  We will supply plates, cups and silverware.  We will try to wrap up by 7:30 at the latest.  Thanks for everyone's support and help this season.

Monday, May 13
New Glarus

The New Glarus game will not be made up as they have games to make up today and tomorrow.  Unfortunately, this means we won't have our parent/senior day celebration-I am really sorry about that.  

I will try to incorporate those into our banquet.  I will let you know that date and time for that when our season ends.   

Saturday, May 11
Game change-once again

Due to a game cancellation for New Glaurus, the varsity game for Monday has been cancelled.  It may be made up on Tuesday.  I will keep you posted.  Practice for varsity will be at the high school on Monday at 3:30.

The JV will play their last game of the year at Waterloo on Monday.  Bus is scheduled to leave at 2:45. 

Thursday, May 9
Senior/Parents Day

Monday's game at the high school will be senior and parents day.  I will briefly introduce the parents and have you walk out on the field with your daughter at the end of the game as to allow everyone time to make it to the game.  Kalli-our only senior-will be introduced last with her parents.  Hope you can plan on attending the game-ceremony-should begin around 6:00 or so.

Thursday, May 9
Updates for this week

Today we have pictures at 5pm after practice.  If the weather doesn't cooperate, we will stay at the high school in order to get our pictures taken care of.  

Tomorrow both teams are set to leave for Poynette to play doubleheaders at 2:50 pm.  They will be released at 2:40.  

Saturday the JV are playing in the Poynette Jamboree.  1st game is 9:30; bus leaves at 8am.  All games will be at Arlington.   I have asked a few varsity players-sophomores-to help us out in those games as we may be a bit short.  Even if the girls are busy part of the day we would appreciate them coming to at least one game.  The last game is at 1pm.  

Finally,  Saturday morning is our day to have the Optomist Clinic at the elementary school from 9-12.  Any varsity player is welcome to come and help out if not for the whole time, at least part of the time.  We really need your help to promote softball skills to younger players.  Please consider giving some of your time to help our program.   

Monday, May 6
Game departures for tomorrow

Due to so many events tomorrow, we have to share a bus with baseball, which means that we will have to leave earlier than what was planned.  Students should be released from class at 1:30; bus will leave at 1:45.  This is for varsity softball only.  

Jv is scheduled to leave for Poynette at 2:20, out at 2:05.   

Friday, May 3
JV games today

The doubleheader today has been cancelled.  No make up date has been set yet.  JV will practice at the elementary school today from 3:30-5:30.  

Friday, May 3
varsity softball game

The varsity game at Waterloo today has been cancelled and will not be made up.  Practice will be at the elementary school today at 3:30-5:30.

Friday, May 3
Games today

Hi everyone,

If we play today-depending on the weather-JV will be at the high school, or fairgrounds if we have to move it due to field conditions.  If we have to move to the fairgrounds, we need some transportation help as the varsity will be out of town.  Please make sure your daughter has a ride if needed.  I will keep you posted when I hear anything.

If games are cancelled, we will be at the elementary school for practice.  We will finish at 5:30.  

For those JV and varsity going with us tomorrow to Poynette, the bus will be leaving at 9:45 to Deforest for the first game.  The second game is in Poynette on Main Street. 

Monday, April 29
Poynette Jamboree updates for varsity-May 4th-and JV-May 11th

Just wanted to let you know the times for this Saturday's games for the varsity in Poynette.

Game 1-11:15 AM Lodi vs. Kettle Moraine Lutheran-Field 11-JV diamond in DeForest

Game 2-2:45PM Lodi vs. Randolph-Field 5- Front Park-Main Street-Poynette

Bus will leave the high school at 9:45AM Saturday morning


JV Poynette Jamboree

Will be held Saturday, May 11th in Poynette.  The team should have two games, possibly three.  I will keep you posted on the times and bus departure. 

Sunday, April 28
This week

Hi everyone,

As you can see on the Home page, we have another huge week ahead of us.  Parents, please make sure the girls are getting rest and taking care of their bumps and bruises.  If anything more serious arises, please see our trainer at school for advice in how to treat the issues moving forward.  

On Wednesday, we will have team and individual pictures.  Some of the girls told me that they will be on a field trip that day so I will contact the picture company to see if they can come back at another time for those girls who aren't here that day.  Also, I am going to see if they can come back before one of our games to do the team pictures to try to get as many girls in it as possible.  

Next Sunday is our trip to watch the Badger softball team play.  I have a bus slated to leave the high school at 10:30 AM and return around 4PM.  There is a pre-game tailgate and the girls will receive a coupon for a hot dog and drink.  PARENTS-if anyone is interested in attending the game we could have a tailgate area for our team as well.  The game begins at 1PM, so if we arrive at 11AM we would have two hours.  Please let me know if you want  to attend-there is plenty of parking at the stadium.  Tickets are available on UWBADGERS.COM.  I am requiring the girls to ride the bus to the game, but if you are going to be at the game and want to drive home with your daughter that would be fine.

Thanks for all of the support so far this year.  Let's get that first win and JV get a few more wins this week! 


Thursday, April 25
Tournament in Portage update

Our schedule was altered due to a team dropping out of the tournament.  We now play at 10 AM and at 2 PM instead of 10AM and Noon.  Bus still leaves at the same time.  

Tuesday, April 23
Weekend of May 4th and 5th

We have some changes to this first weekend in May, so I just wanted to make sure that you all knew what was up.  On Friday, May 3rd, we-varsity- are now scheduled to play Waterloo instead of be at the Poynette tournament.  That game is in Waterloo.  We will play at the Poynette tournament-varsity- on Saturday instead.  I do not know the times yet.  On Sunday, we have an opportunity to watch the UW softball game-JV and varsity teams- vs. Michigan State.  The team is in 3rd place in the Big Ten and is having a really good season.  It should be a fun day.  Bus will leave the HS at 10:30 and arrive for a pre-game cookout at 11AM followed by the game.  Tickets are free for the team.  If families would like to attend, please visit the UW Badger's website at UWBadgers.com. 

Tuesday, April 23
Practice Wednesday night

There will be no softball practice for either team this Wednesday.  Practice will be at the HS field on Thursday unless weather moves us indoors to the ES.

Tuesday, April 23
Game results

Lodi varsity lost a tough-fought game last night 7-4 against Sauk Prairie.  Lodi took the lead in the fifth inning but couldn't hold off a Sauk Prairie rally in the sixth.  The Blue Devils played hard and are looking forward to their next game vs. Belleville tonight.  The JV lost vs. Sauk Prairie as well in three innings due to the 15 run rule.



Monday, April 22
Games today-Monday, April 22nd

Both games are scheduled to be played today-JV at HWY 60 field and varsity at the high school.  If you are attending the high school game, please remember to park in the auditorium parking lot, not along the road by the field.  Thanks.

Friday, April 19
Changes to games/times

Hi everyone,

There are many changes to games in the next few weeks-some time changes, some location changes, and also some date changes.  Please look carefully at the schedules to make sure that you note the new changes.  I will try to give a schedule to each player tonight at practice so you have a hard copy, but again, that may be good for only a day or two!!  Hang in there-hopefully we are good to go for tomorrow at noon. 

Friday, April 19
Games update for today and tomorrow

Hi everyone,

Sorry about the mix-up with the varsity game today at Waterloo.  It is cancelled as is the JV game today.  


For tomorrow, the JV will play at Lakeside Lutheran at 12:00.  They are scheduled to play two games, which means they will finish around 4:00 or so.  We might try to go a time limit or two five-inning games, but thought that the girls might just want to play as this will be their first games!  If you have issues later in the day, please speak to Mandy to make sure that we have enough players.   Bus will leave around 10:15-I will make sure the girls know the bus time at practice and will update on the website as well.

Varsity will host Lakeside Lutheran starting at 12:00 tomorrow at the Fairgrounds.  We will play a doubleheader.  


Thursday, April 18
Games Friday and Saturday

Just wanted to update all of you on situations that we were working on this afternoon.  The games tomorrow at Waterloo are cancelled.  No make up date has been set yet.

Saturday's games with Lakeside Lutheran-doubleheader-are still on pending a decision on field conditions tomorrow.  Lakeside said they have one field that will be playable and we will hope that the fairgrounds will hold up.  So, we are tentatively planning on having the varsity games in Lodi at the Fairgrounds while the JV will travel to Lakeside Lutheran.  Tentative times are 10AM, although that may change as well.  Bus for Lakeside would leave around 8:30 for JV.  Stay tuned for updates tomorrow. 

Thursday, April 18
Games cancelled

Sorry to say this again, but the games for today have been cancelled.  They are scheduled to be made up as part of a doubleheader in Lodi on April 30th at 4pm.  

Practice will be at the elementary school at 3:40 until 5:30.   

Wednesday, April 17
today's practice cancelled; tomorrow's game/practice

Due to no place to practice today and to the weather, we will not have practice.  We are scheduled to play at Luther Prep tomorrow.  I told the girls to prepare for the game and bring their game stuff but to also bring indoor practice gear as well.   Bus leaves at 2:30-game is scheduled for 4:30.   If we do not have a game, we will be at the elementary school tomorrow for practice-usual time.

Tuesday, April 16
Games today

The varsity game today has been moved to the Fairgrounds field.  Same time.  


The JV game has been cancelled for today due to poor field conditions.  It will be made up as part of a DH on May 3rd starting at 4pm.  JV players should take the Owl bus to the elementary school today and meet coach Mandy there before you go to the varsity game.

Monday, April 15
Practice at Elementary school today

We will be inside today!  

Monday, April 15
Bus to HWY 60 field for JV games

For tomorrow's game only, JV players should take the "OWL" bus at the middle school to HWY 60 field.  After tomorrow, JV girls should get on the LAST bus at the middle school any time they have a game at HWY 60 or a possible practice there.  Coach Mandy will let you know when you should take the bus (or check the website).

Monday, April 15
Bigger Faster Stronger Summer training

Softball players-we have a great opportunity to improve our strength, endurance and overall fitness over the summer.  BFS begins June 10th and ends on Aug. 2nd.  It takes place at the HS weight room from 11am-noon Monday thru Friday (the session is girls only).  Cost is $20 for the entire session!

 I know first-hand what BFS can do for a team.  I worked at Wautoma HS before BFS and saw teams who were not physically fit or competitive-in fact they were close to cancelling the football program at one point.  Just as I was leaving Wautoma, the school brought in BFS.  A few years later, the football team, track team and other teams were competing and winnning state championships-see link.  


I hope you will consider this committment as part of our team goal to WIN conference!  I wouldn't encourage you to do it if I didn't believe in it.  I will post a copy of the form in the handouts.  

Sunday, April 14
apparel orders and practice tomorrow

Mandy wanted me to let you all know that the apparel order website-a link on our website- www.eteamz.com/ladybluedevils- is open once again until Monday evening 9 pm. Feel free to place any orders that you missed out on-maybe winter jackets?? There is one condition though to ordering. We need to have at a minimum six embroidered items or 12 screen print in order to make an actual order worthwhile. Please understand that if we don't have that amount to order, the orders will not go through. Remember-only until 9pm Monday night!

 Practice tomorrow will be at the Fairgrounds.  Here is to a week with some games in it. Check back for updates.

Thursday, April 11
Waterloo games rescheduled

The Waterloo games scheduled for today have been moved to next Friday, April 19th at 4:45 in Waterloo.  Please note the change.  The games have been added to the schedules.

Thursday, April 11
summer league schedule

I have the South Central summer league schedule now in the schedule tab for you to see/use for planning.  The Middleton tournament is still to be decided on.  South Central also has its own website:  scsoftball.org  I will put it in the links tab as well.

Wednesday, April 10
South Central Summer softball league

Here are the games for the summer league that many of you signed up for:

Monday, June 10th  at Evansville-6pm

Thursday, June 13th home vs. River Valley-6pm

Tuesday, June 25th home vs. Waunakee-6pm

Thursday, June 27th home vs. Monroe-6:30pm

Tuesday, July 2nd at Barneveld-6pm

Tuesday, July 9th at Waunakee-6pm

Thursday, July 11th home vs. Reedsburg-6pm

Tuesday, July 16th at Stoughton (DH) 6pm

Monday, July 22nd home vs. Evansville 6pm

Wednesday, July 24th home vs. River Valley 6pm

Thursday, July 25th at Sauk Prairie (DH) 6pm 

Wednesday, April 10
Games scheduled for April 11th and April 12th

Games against Waterloo tomorrow and Friday's varsity game with Lake Mills as well as the JV game with Cambridge have all been cancelled.  The varsity game against Lake Mills will be made up as part of a doubleheader on May 7th at Lake Mills.  I don't have updates on the other games but will get them out to you as soon as I hear anything. 

Wednesday, April 10
practices today

Here is an update for today:  practice at the elementary school from 3:40-4:45; pitchers and catchers will finish at 5:05.  Please note the change as we are finishing earlier today!

Tuesday, April 9
Games and practices today

The varsity game with Columbus scheduled for today has been cancelled and rescheduled as part of a DH on April 26th.  Practice today will be at the Elementary school.  The JV game schedule for today has also been cancelled.  No make up date has been set.  JV will also practice at the Elementary school.

Monday, April 8
Varsity game tomorrow-4/9-moved to Columbus

We are moving tomorrow's varsity game vs. Columbus to Columbus.  Bus leaves at 3:10, so please get out of class at 3:00.  Again, this is for varsity only-JV game is still on versus Luther Prep most likely at the fairgrounds.  I sent a request to the bus company for the sports bus but haven't heard back yet, so we may need some parents to pick up players if needed?  I will keep you posted, but if you have room and can take a couple of girls with, that would be great.  Sorry for any problems with that. 

Sunday, April 7
Practice tomorrow

Just a reminder that we will practice at the HS field tomorrow at 3:30 and finish at 5:45 or so.  If weather is a problem, I will make an announcement at school and post the change on the website.  

Please remember to get the summer Optomist forms in to me asap!  I have to attend the meeting this Wednesday and need to have a firm number of players.  

Apparel should be here this week.

Thanks for helping out on Saturday.  It was a nice chance to get together once again.  Thanks for all the support on many different fronts.   Now let's play some games!

Friday, April 5
Saturday and next week

First of all, I want all of you to know how much I have enjoyed coaching these first few weeks.  It has been a pleasure working with the girls and improving each day.  We have had our best practices that last couple of days and are looking forward to getting outside and playing a game!


Hope all of you can make it tomorrow to the HS field from 12-2 or so.  If anyone needs to make up practice time, you can use this time for that as well.  We will work on raking the field/grass so if you have some rakes handy bring them along.  As well, we need some mouse poison to put into the storage areas.  If anyone has some extra and isn't using it, we could sure use it (I was thinking the green pellet stuff in a little box)?  Finally, our outfield is rather bumpy-I was thinking that if we had some extra dirt we could fill in some of the bigger holes.  If anyone has a pile that you want to get rid of and have a way to bring it over here, it would help to level the outfield.


Next week our plan is to practice at the HS field on Monday-weather permitting!  Please make sure the girls bring outdoor clothes such as sweatpants/cleats/pullovers as well as indoor stuff in case of weather.  Let me know if you have any questions-the schedules for games and practices are updated.



Tuesday, April 2
UW softball game

Please make plans to attend the UW softball game on Sunday, May 5th at 1pm.  The game is free for players.  If you want to attend, please let me know.  Your families may come with as well but will have to pay.  As of now, I don't think I will get a bus but that could change.

Tuesday, April 2
Games cancelled

The varsity game schedule for Thursday and the JV game for Friday this week have been cancelled.  They will not be made up.

Monday, April 1
JV game Thursday at Cambridge

The JV game scheduled for Thursday in Cambridge has been cancelled.  I will keep you posted if there is a rescheduled time.

Sunday, March 31
Missed practice make up time

Just wanted to remind everyone returning from Spring Break to get your hours in to me of what you have done on your own.   Coach Mandy and I will look those over on Monday and let the girls know where they stand for makeup time.  After totalling missed hours so far, there are a few girls who may not play this week due to missed practice time.  However, many of the girls just have a few hours to make up as of now, so please stress the importance of turning in the logs they kept for break.  

I am willing to stay later this week after practice if anyone still needs to put in a couple extra hours yet.  It would be great to have the pitchers and catchers stay late as well as we always have extra things to work on with them.   

I will continue to post each day as to where the next practice will be as it is day to day on when we will get out on the field.  More than likely the HS field will be ready first. 

Since last week, we have worked on baserunning, situations, signs, pitching and catching drills, hitting, teambuilding, working on getting focused for our first game-including coming up with a personal cheer for each player coming to bat!:), and a lot of conditioning.  Practice time is critical in order for us to improve as well as to come together as a team.  

Looking forward to a great week with everyone back at practice and playing our first game! 

Saturday, March 30
Monday practice

Monday we will still be at the Elementary school at 3:30.  Unfortunately, the field will not be ready quite yet.  I will post each day next week to let you know where and when we will practice.

Friday, March 29
Practice update for next week and summer softball opportunities

There is a chance that we will be at the high school on Monday, April 1st for practice.  Please check the website on Sunday as I will make the decision then.  If we don't go to the high school field, we will be at the ES as we have been.

Also, next Saturday, April 6th, we are planning a get together, field/shed clean out.  Coach Mandy will be forwarding a sign up sheet to ask if you would bring something to share.  It will be a good time to visit once more before the busy season begins.

Finally,  we are joining the Optomist's league for summer softball.  We will have a U18 team, and we need the girls to come and play this summer to continue to get better.  I know there are hundreds of demands on the girls.  I am only asking that the girls come and play in the games that they have available on their schedule.  If they aren't busy the night of a game, let me know and come play.  That is the only way that we will continue to improve and also work together.  Please return paperwork by this coming week.  The forms are in the handout part of the website--two forms-$25 to join payable to Lodi Opomist's Youth Baseball.

There are also other opportunities to play summer ball with a travelling team.  I have one or two teams that I know are looking for players.  This is a step up in commitment level as well as money, but we do have some players who need that challenge.  Please talk it over with your daughter and if you decide that you want to play at this level as well as help us on the Optomist team please let me know.   



Saturday, March 23
JV and varsity softball schedules

I seperated the two schedules so there are two tabs now on the side to click:  varsity or JV.  Hope this makes it easier.  Bus times are in the little rectangular graphic; just click on it for the information.  

Friday, March 22
New Glarus game rescheduled

The New Glarus game scheduled for Monday, March 25th has been rescheduled to May 13th at 4:45.  Varsity only game!

Tuesday, March 19
Pardeeville rescheduled

Thursday's games with Pardeeville are rescheduled for Thursday, April 4th for varsity at 4:45, and Friday, April 5th for JV at 4:45 at Hwy 60 field.

Tuesday, March 19
Wednesday's practice 3:15-4:30 at HS; 4:45-6:00-ES

Wednesday's practice this week will last until 6pm as boys baseball will have the gym first.  We will meet at the high school after school in room 1108.  Players should be at the ES by 4:40.  

things to do:  1. turn in grade sheets and view videos of correct sliding techniques, 2. weight room from 4-4:30 getting our weight training program set up.  3. After, head over to the ES.  Make sure everyone has a ride please.  

Sunday, March 17
1st week of practice

We had a very good first week of practice.  Things for this week:

1. Remember to get all paperwork/fees in.  We have just a few more things to get turned in.  

2. If you need a PE locker, please let me know.

3. I will keep you posted on cancellations for games, etc. this week as I hear news.

4. Parents/players-as the snow leaves, I was thinking about having a volunteer day at the field to clean up, organize, set up nets, etc.  I was thinking about Sat. April 6th-weather permitting!  11AM-1PM?  Bring a food item to share and  rake/shovel.  Please let me know if you would like to come and help out.  

5. If practice is missed, it must be made up.  This is the only consistent thing that has worked for me in the past-offering extra sessions on Saturdays or Sundays.  Please communicate with me through your daughter if you will be gone.  11 girls made up one to two hours yesterday.  Open gym again this Saturday-12:30.

6. All apparel is to be ordered online-you can access it on the links page or from the link on the home page.  All orders due by March 26th.  

 Thanks for a great first week.  I am really happy to be back!  Coach

Friday, March 15
apparel order

The apparel website is now up.  You can access it from the homepage or go to the links page.  All ordering must be completed by March 26th.  You will receive your order the week of April 8th.  Thanks to Coach Mandy for all her help on this.

Wednesday, March 13
Extra practices

We will have an extra practice this Saturday and next Saturday for those wishing to attend.  This is not mandatory; I wanted to have some extra practices as many of the players will be on trips and need to make up practices.  12:30-2:30 both Saturdays.

Tuesday, March 12
Make up practices if you will be on a family trip or music trip

Just a reminder that if you will be going on the music trip or a trip with your family over spring break that those practices need to be made up.  Here are some opportunities in making up the practices:

 attend this Saturday's open gym at  12:30-2:30

attend next Saturday's open gym at 12:30-2:30

attend early practice during Spring Break week (Wed/Thurs/Fri) 1:30-3:30 (music students are back Wed. night)

regular practice will be from 3:30-5:30 on Wed/Thurs./Fri. of Spring Break-no practice March 30th

Sunday, March 10
1st Practice tomorrow!

Reminder!  Tryouts are at the Elementary School, not the high school.  Please see me tomorrow if you don't have a ride lined up yet.  Make sure you bring your indoor practice gear-tennis shoes/shorts/shirt as well as cleats and a pullover in case we go outside.  Looking forward to seeing everyone.


PLAY HARD!                PLAY TOGETHER!             HAVE FUN!

Monday, February 18
Parent pre-season meeting

Parent orginizational meeting at 6pm on March 6th in the LGI.  Please bring money from fundraiser as well as any forms to turn in.

Wednesday, March 20
Saturday scrimmage cancelled at Baraboo

The scrimmage scheduled for this Saturday has been cancelled.  No makeup date has been set.